Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselin's "Big Announcement" Planned For Monday's Episode

Slow Week In The Tabloids?

So we are all wondering--What's the announcement? Divorce? Separation? Marriage Counseling? The last episode? (no-there's that little contract).. or maybe it is Ashton Kutcher jumping out announcing the audience has been punked?

Beginning today, Thursday, June 18, TLC began airing promos for next Monday's episode of Jon and Kate + 8, billing it as an hour long special. (see promo above)

In an overdub, Kate states the family has made decisions that will affect every family member, but will hopefully bring peace.

Jon and Kate's 10th wedding anniversary was June 12. The couple were not together. Kate was at the "Kon-pound", while Jon ventured back to New York.

According to Radar Online, Jon is filing divorce papers next week.

Now, usually I would believe this if the papers had already been filed--you know, public record.
However, Radar is stating that Jon is also seeing Hailey Glassman, daughter of Dr. Glassman (aka "Dr.Kate's Free Tummytuck").

This speculation came over Memorial Day weekend when Kate plus 8, plus sitter, plus bodyguard, vacay'ed 2 weeks on posh Bald Head Island, NC, sans Jon. Jon, however, was seen venturing around New York, hitting the bars, and was spotted and photographed with Mrs. Glassman and Hailey.

We have gone a few tabloids minus the Gosselin drama in the past week, so I am chalking up this "announcement" to gain more media fodder and exploitation of the kids, as the show's ratings are slowly dropping.

TLCs website also has "Kate's Blog". The blogging community has dubbed the blog as the "Fake Kate Blog" and it is presumed that the blog is being written by a "ghostwriter".

Kate once professed on her own personal website to post a daily devotion for the entire year. She managed to post less than a dozen.

TLC is allowing pro and anti Gosselin comments to be posted, only after being moderated. However, it is suspiciously clear that the Jon bashing posts far outnumber those that are anti-Kate.

Announcements, blogs, photos, whatever, my concern is when is PA Dept. of Labor going to initialize their investigation and provide the results? hmm..maybe that is the "announcement"...

Whatever the announcement...I continue to stand firm on "Team Eight" (Gosselin kids) and pray they are taken from in front of the cameras and that the selfishness of their parents do not do permanent damage to them, if it hasn't already.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped watching the show after the season premiere because I just got completely disgusted by the whole circus. How can anyone in their right mind deny that what this couple is doing isn't affecting these kids??? It's insane and now they're going to continue to play out their very private marital issues on tv. Serious FAIL. Anyway, I found your blog via GWP.

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