Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Savers - Tuesday Tips

Summer cooking is one way to spend quality family time together

Summer of 2009, is quickly becoming the summer of "stay-cations".

More and more families are nixing their vacations and opting for "stay-cations"--staying at home and creating "home family-time" and "backyard getaways".

While this trend is booming, it is certain that families are also searching for ways to save money all around the house.

Starting today, with "Tuesday Tips", you can find ways to slash summer expenses with energy-efficient tips.

Some postings will also include easy, economical, summer fun outings and options to the regular "Summer Vacation".

It's Summer! So take a few minutes from the sun and fun and see how you can make this the best summer ever!

Today's Tuesday Tip:

The Kitchen:

* Cool It.

Because your refrigerator has to work harder to cool down warm food--which wastes energy--allow leftovers to sit on the counter before placing in the fridge. Avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria by setting a timer for 30 to 45 minutes to alert you when your food has reached the right temperature. Do not leave food out longer than two hours.

Adjust Your Cooking Schedule:
Make your meals in the early morning or early evening, when outside temps are likely to be cooler. By doing so, you avoid heating your house during the hottest hours of the day -- not to mention the additional heat by cooking, and oven/stove temperatures -- . This will also keep your energy bills in check.

* Fill Your Freezer:
A half empty freezer expends extra energy to chill the unused space. Store bags of ice -- or homemade juice pops, juice ice cubes, or freezer pops -- in any vacant spots. Another economical idea is to make a double portion of the meal your are preparing* - such as lasagna - and freeze the second dish. This will also take up space, as well as have a dinner already prepared to pop in the oven when time is short, or to just give extra family time together.

*Make sure, however, the meal you prepare is freezer to oven friendly. Casseroles, lasagna, and soups are great for this.

Buy In Bulk
I also l buy ground beef/chuck in bulk when on sale. I pat out several burger patties, placing each patty between waxed paper --making two layers-- then freeze both layers in 2 gallon size freezer bags. The waxed paper makes for easy removal of the frozen patties.

No need to thaw-the patties can go straight from freezer to grill. Add your favorite condiments, a fruit salad or mixed berries and you have quick summer lunch and/or supper.

* Cut Power Use
Cook with your microwave whenever you can--it consumes up to 65% less energy than your oven!

I truly ope you have enjoyed the first installment of Tuesday Tips and Summer Savers!

Look for more super summer ideas this week!
Have a Summer Saver of your own, or a Tuesday Tip?
I would love for you to share them!

Readers' tips wil be listed in the comments section as well as in a posting of compiled reader's tips.

Summer Savers


imjacobsmom said...

Great Mosaic! ~ Robyn

SpoiledMom said...


Thank you, friend!

How are you? Think of you often. Hope you are well. Have not had much time for blogging. Although, I have some in draft, have not had time to publish..LOL
Hope you are having a great summer!


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