Friday, July 31, 2009

CBS's Big Brother Contestant, Ronnie Talbot, Guilty of Cyber-Bullying *Updated Post*

Ronnie Talbot of CBS's Summer Hit "Big Brother 11" is a self proclaimed cyber bully. It was also revealed by no one other than Ronnie Talbot himself.
Please see update below.

Ronnie Talbot is currently on CBS's reality show Big Brother 11 as the house's geeky, gaming nerd who consistently wears a t-shirt emblazoned with the label "DORK". Ronnie has stated in the "game" that he is employed as an "educator".

However, internet research has divulged Talbott is an unemployed gamer, liar, and his wife, Michelle, has threatened divorce due to his gaming habit-which Ronnie admitted to on the BB live feeds.

Ronnie is also stirring the pot with his former university alumni regarding his lying to the Big Brother house guests on air that he is a "national persuasive speaking champion". A title that has little impression on me, but I can see where whomever the real champion is, they have just as much right to defend their title.

With all of the cyber bullying, internet stalking, and other forms of cyber harassment in the media today, Ronnie Talbot is proud of the fact that he falsified a "female identity" in order to harass and mislead a "former friend that pissed him off".

In the video, Ronnie continues to chuckle about his "grudge holding" and finds it rather humorous that the male victim of his cyber bullying actually fell for the female "that didn't really exist".

This is hauntingly familiar to the recent story of thirteen year old Megan Meier, of Missouri, whom, after befriending an online male friend, named "Josh Evans", committed suicide after the "online relationship" suddenly turned sour. Megan was the happiest she had been in her life during the weeks she spoke online to her new acquaintance. However, what Megan did not know, was that Josh Evans was only a figment of her next door neighbor and family friend, Lori Drew's, imagination.
Megan died not knowing that Josh never really existed. Megan died believing Josh was real.
Lori Drew - who continues to be non-compassionate, unapologetic and unsympathetic to the Meier's,-recently made headlines after her three year prison sentence was overturned by California Judge Wu, pending further interpretation of the law and terms of service of MySpace.
Drew, who resides in Missouri, was tried in California due to the jurisdiction of MySpace.

Anyone that has followed the Megan Meier tragedy knows that cyber bullying is a serious crime. It is also a fatal crime, as in Megan's case, and many other teens around the country and continues to grow.

Megan Meier, after engaging in an online feud with friends and her new found love interest on MySpace, hanged herself in her bedroom closet. The last message Megan received on her Myspace account was from the false male identity created by Lori Drew, which read, "the world would be better off without you".

Megan's mother, Tina Meier, has faced an unimaginable last two and half years dealing with court proceedings on top of grieving the death of her daughter. Tina Meier has put her heart and soul into pushing for laws to be put into place that could help prevent crimes like cyber-bullying and internet harassment, as well as possibly lead to criminal charges against those individuals who create "false accounts" to pose as another identity.

Watch a then blond Ronnie Talbot laugh and snicker at his cyber-bullying, and how he played a former friend with a false internet account:

this video is from Ronnie Talbot's audition for Fox's reality show, "Solitary", in which Ronnie did not make it as far as his audition.

Please, click these links to learn more about cyber-bullying, and more importantly, gain more information about Megan Meier's story and The Megan Meier Foundation.

Click to read ABC's article regarding Judge Wu's decision regarding Lori Drew's sentencing.

Ronnie is also stirring the pot outside the Big Brother house with his university alumni regarding his lying to his Big Brother house guests on air that he is a "national persuasive speaking champion". A title that has little impression on me, but I can see that to whomever the real champion is, they have just as much right to defend their title.
One person who personally knows Ronnie has stated that Ronnie is not trustworthy inside, nor outside, the Big Brother House and also feels that Talbot is inept at any given task.

Another former acquaintance of Talbot's states "Lying may be a huge part of the Big Brother game, but when it comes to straight out lying about your personal and professional life outside the game, it can cause major damage to one's reputation outside the house, and perhaps repercussions."
On behalf of Megan Meier, Ian Steele, and all the other teenagers affected by cyber-bullying, internet harassment, and harassment of any kind, please contact CBS and voice your feelings regarding this matter.
To write or phone CBS:

CBS Interactive, Inc.
235 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Main: 415-344-2000

Regarding Big Brother directly:

Los Angeles
2101 Rosecrans Avenue,
Suite 4295
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: (310)322-9124
Fax: (310)322-8957

Los Angeles
600 West 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Please call, send emails, write via snail mail. Let CBS, and other networks, for that matter, know that America does not accept this type of conduct regarding casting for their reality shows.
Update 7/31/09:
I want to thank all of you that have sent personal emails to me regarding this post. Thank you to fellow members at "Joker's Updates" for posting the link in the discussion forums and for those who have posted the link on other various BB websites.
My main goal is to draw attention to the heinous act of cyber-bullying, and Ronnie Talbott just happened to be the perfect cyber-bully poster boy. The fact that he admitted his actions in the audition video, then had the audacity to believe it was a hilarious thing to do, shows how callous Ronnie Talbott truly is.
Ronnie, the almighty one that reads and quotes the Bible to other houseguests, then turns around and judges others' actions, is the absolute definition of hypocrite.
Ronnie claims to be an "educator". Chima called him out on it, but no one gave it a second thought. Casey, in my opinion, is an excellent educator of 5th grade students. Casey's personal life should have no reflection on his employment. Nor, should his employment have any reflection on how he plays the game. Ronnie is a wanna be, and a loser.
In my opinion, Ronnie saw in Casey what he may have at one time aspired to be: an educator himself. Graduating high school in 1997, it has taken Ronnie 12 years to complete college, graduating this year at the age of 30. Ronnie lacks the discipline to teach others because he is too self-absorbed and lazy to care about the welfare of himself, nor anyone else. Hence, his wife's threat of divorce due to his selfish gaming habits. This statement was made by Ronnie to fellow houseguests on the live feeds. Yes, it is out there.
To those that think this post is unfair, to each their own. You have an opinion as I have mine. I also have a family and wonderful children, who desire to become productive, contributors of society. Not a "Ronnie".
I applaud the soldiers overseas, including members of my family, who are fighting to protect your and my right to free speech, including the right to voice our own opinions, whether we agree or not.
With that said...Go Team JJ!! (Jeff/Jordan) and to those Houseguests that decide to align with them.
Ultimate Goal: Evict Ronnie and Jessie the Roid; Muzzle the Lap Dog, keep the Ikea knife away from Lydiot, and then get on with the game!!
Thanks to all my wonderful readers!
Please keep Megan Meier's family, Jesse Logan's family, Ian Steele's family, as well as all the families of victims of suicide, and/or suicide due to cyber-bullying, in your prayers.
Cyber-bullying is a shameless, cowardly act. We have all seen the type of manipulation Ronnie is capable of.
Even though some say "..this (BB) is a game", what Ronnie Talbott did regarding the cyber-bullying was not a "game". This malicious act affected a real person's real life and real emotions.
I originally posted this article to bring attention to "the act" of cyber-bullying and the fact that Ronnie Talbott admitted to being guilty of "the act" of cyber-bullying.
This article had no intention of being related to Ronnie's "game play" in the Big Brother house, nor the actual show itself. My purpose, again, was to bring to light this malicious person, the act he commited, and the fact he victimized another human being.
Thank you again, to all.
original post 7/20/09 @ 11:55pm

updated post 7/31/09 4:00pm


Susan Ogilvie said...

Ronnie not the debate champ he says either! This is truly a sociopathic individual. Here are the references about his false debate champ claims.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this video. I am appalled that CBS would let someone like this on ant of their shows much less on that promotes mental games an manipulation.

I will be emailing CBS. Cyber bullying is serious and, while not officially a crime, can leads to serious depression among teens and adults and in the extreme cases suicide as you pointe out. The fact this creep is happy about his actions is disgusting.

I know CBS probably won't do anything to address this, hell, the might like the publicity, but I need to register my complaint about their showcasing of such screwed up boy.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is garbage. Nothing would make me happier than watching him be beaten to a bloody pulp.

cristidwn said...

I think that this article is unfair. It's easy to be mean to someone you don't know. It's even easier to draw horns on someone you don't like. Only morons would fall for your scare tactics. Have you ever heard of argumentum ad baculum? Causing fear. Cyber bullying is wrong but to draw a parallel on something you heard on a tape from a reality show contestant there is a major fallacy in that line of thought. It's as if you were to tell your audience that: Cutting people is a crime. Surgeons cut people. Therefore, surgeons are criminals.
Keep trying for something negative to say about Ronnie in his personal life I'm not falling for this one!


SpoiledMom said...


It is narrow minded people like you that would find no harm in Ronnie's tape, where he openly admits to an act of cyber bullying. Evidently you do not have children, nor do you support any causes which are enacted to protect the innocent.

How do you find that I am "causing fear". Seriously. I am stating facts. I am bringing the facts to light that Ronnie has incrimiated himself in the act of cyber-bullying.
The same act that has been the cause behind a portion of our youth population to end their lives.

Any type of bullying is cowardly. Ronnie proved he does not have any disregard for the feelings of another person..only himself.

Is this the best you can come up with: people who cut are criminal, therefore surgeons are criminal.. please.

You know there is no comparison in that statement as to what is being brought to light regarding Ronnie.

If you feel there is, you are as moronic, self-absorbed and evil as Ronnie.
Evidently you are, because you are so adamantly supporting him.

SpoiledMom said...

@Anonymous 1 and 2:

Thank you for your emails to CBS!

I am trying to shed light on this cowardly act of cyber-bullying.

Thank you for seeing Ronnie for the person he really is, and, most importantly, thank you for taking the time to read my post and your comments.

As a mother, I find acts as these dispicable. Although not a crime, with dedication from people such as you, and others, we can join together with The Megan Meier Foundation, as well as other foundations, to end cyber-bullying. These cowards need to be held accountable for the damage they are doing to our youth, and in some instances, adults as well. Whether it be depression, regression, and unfortunately, suicide, cyber bullies need to reap the consequences of their actions.

Thank you all! Hopefully Ronnie will be gone soon, but not soon enough!

SpoiledMom said...

@Susan Ogilvie:

Thank you for your comment and for reading the post.

You are correct regarding Ronnie's non-debate champ status.

I found a lot more on this individual, including your article, during my research. I mainly wanted to focus on the cyber-bullying during this post, however, I thank you for posting the link to his additional lies.

They always say, hate the game, not the player. In this case, I despise the player, not the game.

I will be posting more about this sociopathic, narcissist in the coming days...stay tuned!!

Thank you again, and see you all at Jokers!


TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE OUTRAGED AT CBS about this man describing his fine skills of cyberbullying, CBS does not want to hear it, or they would have issued a statement of apology. SO if you believe in the cruel act of this crime,try contacting NBC,or ABC. They have many shows such as dateline, 20/20 etc. If they get enough letters of outrage that this man not only has admitted this is one of his fine skills,and how he made a man fall in love with nothing and then CBS gives him d-list celeb status with a chance of winning $500,000, maybe atleast one of their competing networks will put this in the spotlight. With that I am sure many supporters of this cause will no longer support the reality show, and possibly boycott CBS all together. I have seen where 10's of thousands of people tried out for this show, and CBS chose this person without the sympathy to victims and families who have been affected by such a cruel act that many times has lead to death. Thank you to all Supporters of ANTI-cyberbullies!!!

Anonymous said...

How would someone contact TMZ -- I bet they would get this story out there!!!!!!

Dan said...

The above article contains a completely fraudulent claim. The link provided as "person who personally knows Ronnie" is a link to my faculty webpage. I am not the poster of these comments, nor do I know Ronnie Talbot. Remove the link to my webpage immediately. This matter has been turned over to my attorneys.

SpoiledMom said...


Nicely asking to remove would have worked. Your "threat" of attorney did not scare me into removing any link to your page, as I can post per my right of free speech.
I removed the link due to the affiliation of your faculty and their non-involvement with the issue at hand.
I also have the link to where you, yourself, posted the above statement regarding Ronnie on another website's forum.

SpoiledMom said...

@ Anonymous

Contact TMZ via their website @

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting the world know about this evil person. Funny I has already emailed a complaint to CBS several days ago. I was so upset with the fact that he was belittling and trying to ruin the teaching career of another player to the world using the excuse that he was a also teacher. He is not a certified teacher, he is still a student.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to show how he damaged me for the rest of my life, and would love to see him behind bars. Or better yet, let me replace him on the show.


Anonymous said...

SPOILED MOM - will you please post Dan's comments about Ronnie?? I searched his name last night but didn't come up with anything. I am so impressed with this post and your sluething though. Kudos to you for sure. I am glad though that you removed the link to his work profile. A link to his comments would have been fabulous though!

Dan said...

Thank you for removing the link. I apologize for my over-aggression. I hope you can understand my concern, in that I am not the poster in question. If this other link you are referring to came from a tengaged page, I have contacted them as well. In fact, I fear that is where this mistaken identity began.

Tracey said...

OMG, Did BB check Ronnie Talbot out psychologically before putting him on this show? He is frighteningly off kilter. can you say WHACKO? This dude is freaky!

SpoiledMom said...


Thank you for your reply. I am not sure if the websites we speak of are the same or not...I will not go into detail here.
The info I have, which did not come from a "second party" website, "appear" to be your statements and I will not publish without your approval. (although, I would not fault you, if you in fact made them.. heh)

This original date of this posting was June 20, then I added an update which sent it circulating again.

In hindsight, I should have not posted a link to your faculty page and I apologize for that, as I stated in my previous comment.

I do posting during treatments and sometimes rather quickly.

I can, however, assure readers, that my postings regarding anything other than my own personal life come from my own research along with a mere handful of very reliable sources.

With regard to Ronnie's video, it speaks for itself..volumes.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to reply.

Best Wishes

Kathy Dye said...

You women need to get off your soapboxes. You work tirelessly for a cause. Well, maybe if you had a real job you wouldn't be harassing innocent women for something they didn't do; and maybe you wouldn't have time to use your bleeding heart to dredge up something that happened ten years ago. I believe in causes too but you obviously are just looking for attention for yourselves. You should be ashamed of yourself pretending you care about anything else.

SpoiledMom said...

@ Kathy:

I apologize, this will be your last comment and my rebuttal to you.

Obviously you do not know me. The causes I hold dear to my heart and fight for I also contribute and donate not only time but money to. You have no idea of what I have established in my area.

As you can see there are very few postings on this blog, therefore indicating that I do not have the time, nor desire to, sit around and judge and harass people, and comment on websites. I have a battle to fight, a family to raise, and causes to promote and represent, which I all do very well. My family, nor I have time to sit at the computer or play video games where our minds become mush.

We are much active in our community, church, and organizations that make a difference in society and the world.

With that, I can say that we are blessed. With much diligence and work your reap great rewards. I am very blessed and fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to be a stay at home mother.

You just admitted in your comment that the incident occurred, whether it be ten years ago, which I doubt, or ten minutes ago. It still happened.

Michelle stated her peace. I posted it. I did not attack her.

However, you can not same the same to me.

Enjoy your day...I am spending the remainder with my family.

Dan said...

Thanks once again. And best of luck in all the important battles you are fighting, both personal and public.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Thank you for your hard work. Hit CBS where it hurts: in their wallet. Call and/or write their advertising sponsors and protest their affiliation with this disgraceful example of a man.

Sandy said...

Thank you for revealing a bit more of the low personality that is Ronnie Talbot. I have disliked him since the beginning of Big Brother 11. Now, seeing him holed up in his room, reading the bible, trying to grasp at straws spewing more lies just reinforces that I was right in my original thoughts about him.
While I know that lying and scheming is part of the strategy, he has gone too far. He is starting to believe his own lies and that is the most scary kind of liar there is.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work exposing ignorant people who pretend to have a life, but, spend more time trying to live/affect the lives of others (also known as jealousy).


allisonls90 said...

Okay I HATE Ronnie, BUT... bringing the whole Megan Meier thing into this is just ridiculous. It really doesn't have anything to do with what's going on now and the more you dig up on him the less credibility you have in my book as far as these cheating claims go. He and his wife seem like HUGE dorks and yes they even seem like scum of the earth that would cheat to win Big Brother... and everything else in life. Just very dirty sneaky people. But I just think you took this cyberbully thing to a new low yourself. All we know about that incident Ronnie did is what he described.. and really it sounds pretty lame.
I hope Ronnie leaves this week because he seriously creeps me out and because he played the game in a crappy manner and his over bearing cockiness is just annoying! That being said, I just want him to crawl back under the West(NOT WESTERN) Virginia rock he crawled out from under ... not be put up on charges of cyberbullying though because I just think that's ridiculous and you were irresponsible in bringing it into this whole matter.

Janet said...

Thank you for all of the hard work you do, and for helping others. Sounds like some people may be jealous because they don't have a life and they attack others because of the praise you receive for helping expose losers to the rest of us out there. Ronnie exposed himself, and I hope when he gets kicked out this week that the guy he bullied will bring charges against him, and to his prey just know we will all be with you in prayer and will be behind you 100%. Of course there will be people like the negative posters that want to bully SpoiledMom and tell her to get off her soapbox and get a life, but I think the life she has is a great one for helping others. Keep up the good work and know that you will always have a lot of supporters but you will always have those bullies that try to take you down, but the the Lord Jesus Christ we will always prevail. God Bless you all!

chrisandmeg said...

I really appreciate your posting the video. This is more of a serious situation than you realize, and I hope you will share this with other moms.

Both Ron and his wife, Michelle Talbott appeared in a YouTube video we found via a forum. It is geared towards children, with the intention that they should listen to their parents. We expected it to just be Ron in one of his many attempts to become famous.

Instead, we were shocked and repulsed by the vulgar language and sexual references. There is no parental warning on this video, which is what makes it even more dangerous. His wife plays his mother, who is having a graphically detailed affair with his best friend, a sock puppet monkey.

The subject matter isn't the issue. Whether you find it objectional or not isn't the issue. It was that it was intended for children, without any warning to parents, and that teachers are held to higher standards regarding their public behavior.

Please spread this video everywhere, before it is removed from YouTube. We need everyone to contact the department of education in West Virginia about this very urgent matter. BB and CBS should also be contacted. They should not be giving this couple a forum for their disgraceful behavior.

SpoiledMom said...


Thanks for reading and commenting.

I embedded the youtube video, along with another classless, distasteful video, in a post that was set to publish this morning.

I do not "write and post" daily. I have blog postings written and then set to publish on a certain date. Fortunately, the Chip and Zack video began making the rounds before my posting.

All of my postings regarding Ronnie were written beginning July 11, 2009, two days after the first episode. (With the exception of the alleged "voting manipulation" post, which was written and posted on the post date.)

After writing a post, I choose a date for publish, which allows me not to be tied to the computer constantly updating. The posts then automatically publish on the date I have chosen.

Thank you for also seeing the disgrace in the audition video, as well as the "creep factor" in the videos this husband and wife have made. And yet, Ronnie had the nerve to call out Casey for his behavior during his personal time.

Check out my postings for more information related to the YouTube videos, and Ronnie's 12 year college run to obtain a 4 year degree in High School Eduction.

Thanks again!

chrisandmeg said...


Thank you so much for letting us post, and for enlightening others. (Boy, are WE behind!)

We will add contacting the dean of his college to our list. He should not be allowed around children, nor should his wife.

Keep up the good work!
C & M

SpoiledMom said...


Perhaps you should better educate yourself on matters of which you speak.

I pray that you never have a family member or friend commit suicide to then be left with unanswered questions. Whether related to cyber-bullying, or not.

The cause may not seem so ridiculous to you then.

Lisa M. said...

Thank you for this post and sharing the video. More and more people need to be made aware of cyber-bullying and it's danger to others. Don't let people discourage you from continuing to spread awareness! I myself, do not have children, but you don't need to have kids to know what can happen when people use the internet as a means to hurt others.Keep up the good work!

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