Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cyber-Bully Ronnie Talbot's Wife Allegedly Cheating For Votes Outside Big Brother House...

As if Ronnie Talbot's cyber-bully reputation is not enough, his wife, Michelle Talbot is getting in on the cyber action.

Below is a screen shot from the website, where "allegedly" Ronnie Talbot's wife, Michelle, is attempting to lure and enlist the help of someone to create a "bot" to over-ride the CBS Big Brother online voting.

Big Brother viewers are voting until Tuesday at 11:59pm PST for their favorite Houseguest to win the Coup D'etat, or "secret power" which could dramatically change the game play.

Ronnie's wife, Michelle Talbot, has been on several boards and forums-under anonymity on some, while on others, there is no question as to her identity-blatantly asking for any type of assistance in creating a bot and placing the code into the CBS website voting page that would give all votes for the Coup D'etat to Ronnie, whether Ronnie was voted for or not.

Imagine, the wife of a gamer and computer geek asking for computer code. What a joke!

While some are helping with the code, this code can also be used to the advantage of other houseguests by replacing code for Ronnie with that of another Houseguest.

This gives each houseguest an unfair advantage, even the Houseguest viewers want to win. Even if my Houseguest of preference, (Jeff) wins the Coup D'etat, I want to know that it was in fairness.

Longtime Big Brother fans know that BB has always been suspect of "rigging" the game to their liking. It has been a given.

This is an issue where an outsider is attempting to manipulate the voting mechanism.

Also, cell phone voters, think of this, you are being charged twice for each vote. Once by your carrier for text, and then $1.00 by CBS per vote. If the voting is rigged, it is the same as not receiving what you paid for.

click to enlarge

This screen shot is from the website Cheating

This despicable action has already made its rounds to CBSs Forum Boards,Joker's Updates, as well as other Big Brother Forums. However, Big Brother fans, please continue to forward to CBS via email.

Email to: CBS Interactive Services

BE SURE TO CHECK BIG BROTHER on the form for the show you are commenting on.

Place the website link to the voting bot request (in blue, below) in the comments section of the CBS email, along with any comments of your own.

The website URL for the voting bot request is:

Thanks for your help, Big Brother Fans!

GO TEAM JJ! (Jeff/Jordan)


Michelle Talbott said...

I am tremendously sorry that you had cancer. Many people in my immediate family have had cancer.

Next I would like for you to publish an apology. I have never done anything dishonest and I was hurt by your libel remarks. You do not know who I am. Please retract your statements. You have no proof to the legitimacy of your claims because they are not legitimate. I would never do such a thing and me, myself have been voting by cell phone and by hand on the computer. I have sent out emails and messages through facebook, myspace, and twitter but I do not see anything wrong with that. I did not write anything to combat the cyber-bullying remarks because I believe Ronnie can speak for himself. Your comments about me need to be stopped. Thank you for your diligence to this matter.

SpoiledMom said...

@Michelle Talbott:
To be concise, I "have" cancer, this is the second round to be exact.
While I accept your well wishes this is not about me, nor my cancer.

That being said, I will not publish an apology for my right to free speech.

What I posted regarding the voting manipulation is regarding what is being speculated, not only by me, but by many others, as well as several websites that you, directly or indirectly-whether through family or friends-are behind the "alleged" manipulation of the CBS website voting.
Again, I use the word alleged, although loosely, because of other information I have NOT posted.

You have every right to rally votes for Ronnie, just as America has every right to rally votes for their favorite houseguest. I do not fault you in that.

Lastly, I have not posted anything that specifically states that you are for certain the person behind the manipulation. Again, the reason for the use of the word alleged. You need to look at other websites for if you are looking for someone to threaten libel. Therefore, there is nothing to be retracted.

It is all speculation and allegations, or as Ronnie would say, semantics.

I did not include you in the post regarding Ronnie and his audition tape regarding his act of cyber-bullying. The tape speaks for itself. It is his conscious.

Through my work as an advocate for children and teens of cyber-bullying, as well as a tireless volunteer for parents, family and friends of teen suicide, these matters are very close to my heart.

I hope you take time to read the story of Megan Meier, and Ian Steele, as well as the plethora of stories of children affected by cyber-bullying found in "the back pages" of the news.

That is where my diligence lies.

In ending, I hope that Ronnie can one day find peace with himself. As you state, I do not know you, and on that same token, you do not know me. I am of kindred spirit and heart, and these matters have been brought to light because of that.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that link has been removed! And you didnt' screen shot most of it, so we can't see all of the posts anymore. I did read them all last night.

I guess it doesn't have to be Michelle...but certainly one of his friends or family members, maybe a gamer friend. After all, they love to cheat the system (games). Hacking is something they would love to get credit for! That is the way their minds think.

But yes, CBS is going to get an earfull from me first thing in the morning!


SpoiledMom said...

@ Anonymous on 8/2 @ 1:05pm

(See why I prefer nicknames as to anonymous!! LOL)

Thank you for your readership and comments.

Why do you feel the site has been taken down?? heh

I only posted the screenshot of where the actual "act" was being solicited.

I have the full screen shot saved.

I did not publish the entire screen shot because the code, (whether correct, or not) needed for the insertion of the voting bot was posted and would have been made available to others.

Thanks for your correspondence to CBS.

Well wishes!

Kathy Dye said...

This is to inform you that because of your irresponsible blogging, I have taken it upon myself to let your advertisers know the real you. I am Michelle Talbott's mother and I happen to know that the person you quoted as having knowledge of Ronnie Talbott never met him. I am also appalled that you would accuse Michelle of cheating. You,lady,need to take a look into the mirror! You are the cyberbully. You are printing things that you have no proof of as if they were gospel. You sighted the First Amendment but you need to know it doesn't protect people who spread lies.

Anonymous said...

You're pathetic. It is an edited television show, made (admitedly by the producers and Alison Grodner) as being solely for entertainment. These people are all playing a game, a game in which success requires deception. Whether you like somebody's gameplay or not, you do not know any of these people personally, so stop acting like you do. Stop being a self-righteous bitch who flaunts her cancer and then is a bitch to somebody just trying to be nice in wishing you well.
How somebody plays the game of Big Brother is often far from how they are in real life. When you are in there, the other houseguests are not your friends. They are 12 other people competing against you for half a million dollars. Just because somebody acts a certain way on the show (for example, I don't enjoy Jordan's gameplay, nor Kevin's. I like people who play the game strategically. But that doesn't mean that I make assumptions about them as people and say passive agressive shit about "I hope he can find peace with himself". Get over yourself!
Oh and before you start creating your conspiracy theories for this coment, I am not nor do I have any connection or association to any current or former Big Brother houseguest, nor their friends or family. Just a viewer who can smell your bullshit all the way through the computer screen

Someone who despises Ronnie said...

Dear Spoiled Mom...thanks so much for your response! (This is from your first Anonymous on this thread!)

I really appreciate all of the hard work you have done. Regarding the removal of the link, I do believe that whoever started it realized that they were being reported to CBS and got nervous. Evidence after all! That being said, I am so glad you have the whole screen shot. I am calling CBS in the morning, and your two blogs here (the information) will be reported by me! I am also going to be verifying the voting - 10 per IP address is what I found out in my 2 calls on Friday, and through having someone who has cbs insider information verify it too. And of course, that would mean this whole bot cheating thing is useless anyway! But that is what gamers do - cheat and hack...they pride themselves on it!

That being said, I believe you should call too! If you would like to discuss this further, post your email address and I can contact you that way. I am so disgusted by this man and cannot believe BB would put him in the game. Lying is one thing - doing what he has done is a whole different game! Condemning Casey for his actions while being a teacher...and seeing all of this stuff??? I have never seen such a hypocritical, delusional person in all of my life!

Thanks again for all of your hard work,
A BB Fan and someone who sees Ronnie for what he is

BigBBFan said...

Hey Kathy and Michelle, your RAT will be coming home THURSDAY!! Enjoy.

SpoiledMom said...

@Kathy Dye:

Please tell me who my advertisors are that you are notifying.

You make me laugh. You think I need to blog to make money? You are quite mistaken.

I advertise for them.

I have a file full of information I have found if you would like it published.

When I look in the mirror I see a well educated,God loving,God fearing, humble, yet powerful, beautiful woman who has fought the fight of my life, twice and won.

You do not know me and I will leave it at that.

This was your last chance to comment.

SpoiledMom said...

@anonymous @ 1:47pm

I'm sorry your life is so miserable. Evidently you do not have the live feeds. That is how America knows the show is edited. If you were educated and had half read the post and comments before having to spew your venom, you would know that I have not attacked Ronnie's "game play" at all.

What I have attacked is his admitting to cyber-bullying.

For you to think I flaunt my cancer, shows what type of callous, vile, person you are. I pray that you never have to endure one minute of the pain I have had to endure or what my family has had to go through. Thankfully, I have had my family and friends behind me every step of the way.

I am sorry you are so bitter and full of self-loathe. You are a lurker who hides behind the screen to put your two cents-whether you know the topic or not-in order to gain self-gratification because that is only where you can find it.

And yes, I do feel you are part of the Ronnie Camp. By bringing it up before it has been mentioned, proves you are already in the process of a cover up.

nightspirit1701 said...

Ronnie's wife and her mom need to researh you and what you do. Has some who suffers from diabeties and CHF you are in my prayers.

SpoiledMom said...


thank you much for your thoughts and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Michelle Rodriguez said...

Thank you for this article and upon reading the responses of Michelle (who obviousl did not read the article, or more likely, read into it what she wanted to see) and also of the hateful comments made by Michelle's mother that it is not hard to see why ronnie is part of this family. I have heard many people say they feel sorry for Michelle being married to ronnie, but I for one am no longer of that point of view.

flowergirl said...

Omg i can not beleive the gall of someone to say such hatefull things about a women with cancer is there no humanity left in this world. I for one have had Cancer and i know how much courage it takes for you to hang in there. I have you deeply in my prayers and please disregard the comments made by the 2nd anonymous-which by the way which is why they remain anonymous becasue they don't have the courage to identify themselves (that tells me what kinda of person they are)Look proudly at yourself in the mirror and let God handle the hatefull people. By the way GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jeff --BYe to Ronnie

notaronniefan said...

Hey Michelle, on the live feeds your "wonderful" husband just said you and he are exactly alike and both think words are useless and mean nothing. So why are you worried about the words on this blog? And why should anyone believe you when your husband just said it is ok to lie because they are just words?

BigBrotherNut said...

I have a link on my blog to your article, hope you do not mind. I filled out a complaint to CBS, because I paid in texting fees and do not like cheaters. Love your blog,come everyday. Thanks for your blog.

SpoiledMom said...

@Michelle Rodriguiez:

Glad you kicked your cancer's ass! Hope you are doing well. The Anon's comments do not bother me because I have God on my side. Words are words and those spoken by uneducated people have no meaning. Thank you for commenting and you are in my prayres as well!


No worries! Thank you for readership and sharing the info!

Well wishes to you all.

Keep those less fortunate in your hearts and prayers.

The BB Hour said...

Hi Spoiled Mom, just letting you know I love your dish on BB, people have no reason to get upset you didn't say any thing bad about Ronnie wife, mother, brother, sister..... Just that its was "allegadly" said she did that. So no Libal there, sorry! I personally find that people get most upset when they’re guilty. LOL Any way I follow your blogs and will be discussing this on my BB talk show Wed 4pm on our channel on Real Player Superpass. The show is The BB Hour, come check it out I will be giving you full props!
Here is the link to our show.
Keep up the sleuthing!
PS The cancer thing is childish! I agree your blog had nothing to do with that. So for people to there , well thats just BS!

Jeff Brown said...

I find it extremely entertaining that you post a blog about Ronnie's "cyber bullying" right after you made posts about teenagers committing suicide over "cyber bullying". You are trying to paint not only Ronnie, but his wife as well in a bad light, due to personal opinion. What Ronnie did that you classify as "cyber bullying" and what happens with these children/teenagers that commit suicide due to "cyber bullying" is far from being even remotely the same thing. You have taken your biased opinion and made it a personal crusade against someone you don't even know. You are basing your opinion of him off of a years old video audition talking about a story that you know nothing about? Very professional.

As far as Michelle is concerned, while you did not come right out and say Michelle was actually doing the things you claim she was doing, you certainly alluded to it enough. What you fail to realize, is that she receives a large amount of hate mail, and death threats about Ronnie from complete strangers on a daily basis. There have even been people that have gone so far as to go onto local radio shows and podcasts under the wonderful veil of anonymity telling all sorts of "true" stories from supposed first hand knowledge. Stories which were not true even in the slightest. There have also quite a few people that have gone from website to website making posts about Ronnie "facts" and claiming to be someone they are not, that are completely false. Could it be that some of these people that have gone on these websites that you linked, could be one of the people I spoke of? Of course not. You have already made it up in your mind that you don't like him, based on what you read/saw on the internet. That's right. You read something on the internet about someone, and decided all by yourself that certainly it must be true. Come on, anyone can go on the internet in this day and age, and make up whatever "facts" they want about anyone else. You claim you have all these "inside sources", and I challenge you to name one credible source. I can tell you right now, having been one of Ronnie's best friends since high school, that any of the people that are truly friends with Ronnie, would not discuss his business on the internet true or not, especially not with someone as narrow minded as you. Since I know there are no sources for you to produce, I'll leave the point there.

Lastly, I would caution you to watch what you say about people. You throw around Freedom of Speech so freely, but that only goes so far. Freedom of Speech does not mean you can spread lies about people, and it most certainly does not excuse defamation of character.

I have made no attempts to hide my identity. My name is Jeff Brown, and I have been one of Ronnie's best friends for years, and years. I know the facts, because I am actually his friend, and I will most certainly not share them with the likes of you.

Michelle Talbott said...

I am extremely sorry about your cancer. I do not feel anyone deserves cancer or should have to suffer with it. I merely mentioned it because I wanted to recognize your bravery in battling it. Take what you will from that because I know you will.

Putting that aside I want to clarify that the first amendment does not protect against defamatory remarks. While I did notice in the beginning you did state "allegedly" you did drop the term - stating, "Ronnie's wife, Michelle Talbot, has been on several boards and forums-under anonymity on some, while on others, there is no question as to her identity-blatantly asking for any type of assistance in creating a bot and placing the code into the CBS website voting page that would give all votes for the Coup D'etat to Ronnie, whether Ronnie was voted for or not." Nothing about this statement carries the "allegedly" qualifier.
I wrote the first comment to ask just between the two of us for you to drop me from your website. I wasn't mean. I felt that perhaps you had been given faulty information from someone. I don't know what you have "on file" but I guarantee that it doesn't include anything about me and if it does it's bad information. I have never manipulated anything before in my life.

Quoting straight from your article again, "Imagine, the wife of a gamer and computer geek asking for computer code. What a joke!". Yes, this is a joke. You're right I have no idea how to do code. I actually had not even thought of doing that.
Please at the very least go back into the article and amend the two sections that I quoted with allegedly or remove them all together. I am not in the game. I support my husband as much as I can from home because he is my husband. I wish you nothing but the best.

P.S. One of the readers stated that it might be a "gamer friend. After all, they love to cheat the system (games). Hacking is something they would love to get credit for! That is the way their minds think." I found that uncalled for. While I am not a gamer I don't believe that this is a fair statement.

BigBrotherJunky said...

I heard about this what a crappy thing to do f with viewers votes. I do hope Jeff wins Its what america wants!! Ps mabie if ronnie treated people a little nicer people would like him. he personaly makes me feel ill. its one thing to play a game yes people lie in this game but no one has acted so dispicable, as he has

SpoiledMom said...

@Michelle Talbott:
You state in your comment:

While I did notice in the beginning you did state "allegedly" you did drop the term - stating, "Ronnie's wife, Michelle Talbot, has been on several boards and forums-under anonymity on some, while on others, there is no question as to her identity-blatantly asking for any type of assistance in creating a bot and placing the code into the CBS website voting page that would give all votes for the Coup D'etat to Ronnie, whether Ronnie was voted for or not." Nothing about this statement carries the "allegedly" qualifier.

The statement in question is exactly correct.

Have you not been on some boards and forums using an alias while on other boards and forum using "Michelle Talbott" as your screen name?

I stated that you are allegedly using an alias on some sites..which I, as well as others have proof. While on other sites you are under your own screen name...are you not?

There are several websites and forums that you are on in which you use your real name, or a variation of. Twitter, for example, CBS, BBN, etc., I can go on.
You also answered a poster on one site regarding Ronnie's comparison of you to Denise Richards. Your reply in that forum was that you do not feel you look like Denise. On that site, you use Michelle Talbott as your screen name.

You are reading into my posting what you want. Again, as I stated before, and I am sure you hear frequently, it is all semantics.

I did not discover the information on my own. Neither am I the original poster of this information.
I in no way whatsoever attempted to defame you. My only purpose was to bring to light the "alleged" manipulation of the voting. My blog is fairly well known through my group of bloggers and I have a nice readership.
As I did do research of my own, beginning with the "cyber bully" incident, my sole intention was to draw attention to the fact that someone, "allegedly" you, or someone close to you working on your behalf, was the one attempting to have the votes manipulated.
My only remaining question to you is, if it was not you, or someone on your behalf, why go to all of the trouble to bring even more attention to the situation and yourself? Have you attempted to find out who posted the code request for the voting bot?
With all the tabloid stories that are printed daily regarding real celebrities, 99.9% of which is garbage, the celebrities themselves do not go to such lengths. Perhaps it is because they know it is a falsehood and they let it roll. They know that come tomorrow, it will be someone else that will be on the cover.
In other words, someone that is guilty of something dwells on it.
If they are not guilty, they let it go. For they know the actual truth. And ultimately, the truth is all that matters.
Please, go back and read the comments directed toward ME all because I posted an article regarding you. Yes, I posted them, all the good, the bad the ugly. I was even told that I "flaunt my cancer". That statement deserves not an utterance of a response, but for someone to have the audacity to even post such has to be a miserable person. You can also read my reply to that comment.
What you do NOT see are the nasty, vile, comments that I have received regarding both you and Ronnie that I have NOT posted.
I have not done so because that would be going against the very cause that I am so very adamant and passionate about, which is any type of bullying.

I hope you and I can resolve the issue at hand.

As I have stated, none of this is due to Ronnie's "game play". It is a game. I have watched since BB1.

My purpose in the post was not to malign you. It is apparent, as I used "alleged" when referring to you. Again, it was through research and the fact that everyone would want each houseguest to have a fair advantage for the Coup D'etat that the posting came to be.
That is the reason that I snipped the screen shot where I did because code was posted to help with the voting bot installation.

Wishing you peace~

preacherswife said...

to spoiledmom-----You quoted you look in the mirror and you see a well educated, god loving, god fearing ,humble yet powerful , beautiful woman who has fought the fight of your life , twice and won. Funny cause after reading all of your comments I see your actions reflect a much different person. The person you seem to be is one who is hypocritical and uses God and cancer as an excuse to be hateful and judgmental to people you don’t even know. I would think someone as God fearing as you claim to be would be spreading the word of love for mankind and not spewing hateful lies. Maybe you should blog a little less and read your bible a lot more? God bless cause I really think you need it.

SpoiledMom said...

@ "preacherswife"

Such an inapt screen name for your comment.

You use "seem" and "seemingly" to describe me. Isn't that the same as judging my character, as you do not personally know me?

All these commenters, including yourself, that claim that I am using my cancer and love of God for an excuse to be "hateful" are seriously reading what you want into the postings. I have not mentioned my cancer once in the postings regarding Ronnie Talbott. His wife, along with others, started bashing me and saying I "flaunt" my cancer, and to that, I did defend myself and illness.

I am being begrudged because my strong faith has pulled me through not only two rounds of cancer, one of which I am still fighting, along with other life situations that I would not want my worst enemy to endure.

Finally, as a preacher's wife, where are you spreading the word of God in your comment? All I read is judgemental hypocrisy.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Have a blessed day~

Tara said...

Wow- interesting. I personally feel that if Michelle Talbott was totally an innocent she would thank you for bringing this to her attention and work with you to resolve it. Actions always speak louder then words.
As for her and others bringing up cancer, it nevers ceases to amaze me what people will resort to try and win a debate.
And in response to the voting thing, well that just saddens me to no end. There are already so many injustices in the world and the truth is that will never change as long as people continue to act in such selfish ways.
And last but not least.... oh come on, can you really defend gamers. I mean I love to game and have dealt with a lot of gamers and it is TRUE many of them love to work the system by whatever means, it's part of the game. IF this wasnt true then why are there hundreds of sites with cheat codes for gamers???? REality has to set in at some point. Just search "gamers cheat codes" if you HONESTLY believe what you said.

vi[xx]en2005 said...

I read every comment posted regarding Ronnie's wife ALLEGED involvement in a scheme to cheat Jeff from his Coup d'etat. I'm sorry you have to be bashed like this just to expose something THAT IS ILEGAL. This is my opinion and only mines, but I believe Ronnie's wife and mother reflect what we have seen in Ronnie during his time in the show. It's lamentable to see people attack another so heartlessly. To Ronnie's friend, Mr. Brown, I'm sorry but this is BB not Revenge of the Nerds. You say that is a game but we have seen many HG play the game and still be respectable and show some degree of dignity. Ronnie lacks it all. He's just a fool who's dreaming to be a jedi knight. It must be embarrassing to be recognized as Ronnie's wife I know I would be.
Keep the blogs coming SpoiledMom and I hope these bullies stop posting their hateful comments that have nothing to do with the game!

Meg said...

If the allegations of cheating are true, then thank you for bringing it to light. The cheating bothers me but some people will do anything for money. But to be honest, the thing that bothers me more is how Ronnie states he is such a great role model to his students. And, I may be wrong, but I think he stated his wife is a teacher as well. If this is the kind of person he is in front of millions, can you only imagine what he or both of them "teach" their students?

Live At The Studio said...

To all.. Big Brother is a game that happens to be seen live on feeds by millions. The bottom line is if you can't take the heat, good, bad or other wise DON'T APPLY for the game. Unfortunately that also applies to family and friend of contestants whether you like or not. My advice let it drop; you'll draw far less attention to yourself that way.

Save Jericho (Tricia Kate) said...

After seeing the "entertainment" video of Ronnie and Michelle, I think they are both in need of seriously mental health counseling. Cyber stalking and harassment online is now a crime thanks to people like Lori Drew. There is no law against speculations and having opinions.

Look, people can't stand Ronnie. You all have to understand that reality contestants and celebrities alike open up their personal lives to this kind of scrutiny when they become a public persona and that includes their friends and family. Get over it.

I think we are all well aware that people can say one thing and yet do another. Ronnie's family & friends - you are doing nothing more than making it worse for yourselves and Ronnie by fueling the fires across the internet. You should shut up - now.

SpoiledMom: Thank you for your articles. I appreciate the time you take to make your blogs interesting. My prayers go out to you while you wage your 2nd courageous battle with cancer. You will beat it, stay positive.

shelleyb said...

in referance to everyone, this is a game of lies!!!!!!!! if you have ever watched the show before then you know what is expected and ho far they will go. i personaly dont care for ronnie but i have to say he played the game the way he was supposed to. if anyone of you were inthere playing foe a half a million dollars you ould do the same thing. there is not a person in there that has been truthful since day 1 and that is the bottom line to all of this. so all you people need to suck it up if you like the game and keep you moth shut and watch on to see who will win in the end. as for spoiled mom and her cancer, i am a cancer survivor myself and i am going through it with my mom as we speak i dont know what the hell that has to do with big brother but god speed to you and all the others with cancer i hope we all win the game we are in with that fight.

Shannon said...

hey michelle, you should check out the livejournal community ontdbb. we are huge ronnie fans over there. seriously huge!

SpoiledMom said...

shelleyb said:
as for spoiled mom and her cancer, i am a cancer survivor myself and i am going through it with my mom as we speak i dont know what the hell that has to do with big brother but god speed to you and all the others with cancer i hope we all win the game we are in with that fight.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

I will keep you and your mother in my prayers, and keep fighting the fight! Thank you, also, for your well wishes to me for the same.

Just to clarify, I never referenced my cancer in any posting regarding Ronnie Talbott, nor Big Brother. The comments from readers (Ronnie fans/family) "read" what they wanted into the postings and decided to use my cancer as an attempt to malign me, because that is all they had to work with.
I only brought up my cancer with Ronnie's wife through comments because she chose to do so.

Read some of the comments to see how tortured some people's lives are, and please pray for them.

People hide behind anonymity in order to bully others on the internet. As I have stated over and over again, the purpose for my posting was to shed light on the fact that Ronnie Talbott has fully admitted to the heinous act of cyber-bullying. The cowardly act of viciously hurting a real person's real feelings, then laughing about it. His family claims it was ten years ago--as if time lapse is an excuse to make it acceptable. I find that a lame excuse, and, in my opinion, it was not that long ago. It is still fresh in his memory, or he has a guilty conscious of his actions, nonetheless, he admitted to the act.

Big Brother was not the intentional focus of the posting. In this case, the fact that Ronnie Talbott is a houseguest on the show, and CBS has had numerous situations each season with houseguests not being politically correct, then being fined.

--i.e. BB9 when HG "Adam" aka "Big Baller" mocked persons with autism, while he, at the time, was employed with an Autism foundation. Needless to say, he no longer is affiliated with the Autism Foundation. BB10's "Ollie" was also cited for using derogatory remarks regarding our gay and lesbian Americans. There are numerous other incidents that can be found online.--

Again, this post was to shed light on cyber-bullying and the BB Houseguest who had publicly admitted to the callous act.

I have diligently followed the Megan Meier, Jesse Logan, Ian Steele tragedies, in addition to others affected by this cowardly crime.

As a mother, I am a strong advocate for children's, teen's and women's causes. I am a freelance writer and also speak for various non-profit campaigns.

Thank you again for your comment. I just wanted to explain how the Big Brother connection came about, other than the fact that Ronnie is a houseguest. I never mentioned his "game play"--other readers brought in the correlation by half reading the post, and then commenting.

Know you and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers and hope you are well soon.
~Through strong faith, great things may be achieved.

Anonymous said...

A note to all of Ronald's family. Your boy Ronnie has put himself in the public eye by going on this TV show. Your claims of libel and defamation are irrelevant because legally speaking (from someone who went to a real college unlike Dorkapotumus) if you believe what you say about a public figure is true, you are not committing libel, slander or defamation. It doesn't matter if it is true or not as long as you believe what you say to be true. This is first year legal stuff folks. Have a great coming home party. I hope Ronnie never comes within a mile of my children.

BTW spoiledMom, thank you for your great work. God Bless you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Cindy said...

I read all of the coments about Ronnie Talbot and the original blog. You may say alleged, but what you don't realize is that there are others on other blogs who are reporting wht you say as fact. It stirred many of them up into a frenzy. I don't see ANY proof or even likelihood that what you are saying is true. It is merely speculation. But the way you wrote it, it did not come out that way.and the frenzy of hatred that it stirred up resulted in many slanderous hateful disgusting staements, stated as FACT. This page was , in fact, sent to me as proof that these hateful statements are true! You say you are against cyberbuyllying. Stating what you did in the way you stated it, amounts to cyberbullying. Yes, it's true that celebrities are able to walk away and just ignore false statements about them all of the time. But this is a person who LOVES this show, and he and his family should not be subjected to such bullying. Unless you have proof of what you are saying, then you should do the responsible thing and admit that you do not know this to be fact! I read that screen shot, nothing in there told me that anyone who knows Ronnie had anything to do with it. I do not know him. I did like him as a player in the game, But one thing I know for sure is that I do NOT like bullies! You really set off a torrent of hatred toward this erson and his family. I would not repeat some of the things said. You should really be ashamed of yourself. You have a large readership, apparently, and you need to act responsibly. some think that thrwing the work 'allegedly' in makes it OK. But what it usually means to people who are reading, is that for some legal reason you have to say allegedly because the 'criminal' is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law! People absolutely believed you. By the way, referring to Ronnie as a cyber-bully in the title of this was uncalled for. Anything said in the course of the game is part of the game. It does not make it so! Your speculations messsed with the voting more than anything else. You acted very irresponsibly!

York Family WebPage said...

Just a FYI. I noticed today that the boring video of Ronnie (as a blonde) rambling on and on and on of all his wonderful qualities and admitting that he was cyber bullying has been removed. Hopefully charges have been filed and they have the video for proof and he will be arrested and won't be able to come to the final show. There is a law passed since the young girl who committed suicide after being bullied online. I hope they have enough between that and him admitting that he has stalked someone to put him away and get him some help before it is too late for someone. I know Chima was raped by a serial rapist, there might have been signs that the man who did this to her and the others he raped and killed that he was not normal. If someone who have seeked help for him this might not have happened to these innocent women. Ronnie needs help. He has admitted to things that are against the law. He needs to be locked up and punished. Please for God sakes do not let him teach children.
Nothing would make me happier than othe the last Big Brother show Julie announces that every one from Big Brother 11 has returned except Ronnie (because he has been locked up) I can dream.

York Family WebPage said...

This is to Kathy Dye. I read your comment. I am an outsider and do not know the person who runs this site. I know she has no proof that your daughter Michelle was trying to get a bot to rack up votes for Ronnie (because that is the only way he could win because the majority of the people watching loath him) and that would be the only way he could win would be by cheating. It's all over the Internet not just this site that this was being done by Ronnie's family not necessarily your daughter. If I were her mother that would be my least concern. I would get my daughter out of the marriage and as far from that creep as possible even if I had to change her identity. We don't know Ronnie (thank God) what you see on prime TV people may not understand the uproar and thinks it's only a game but when you watch the live fees or Big Brother After Dar on Showtime you see that he is sick, creepy, delusional, and desperately needs some help. I see his horrible video online staring Ronnie called Chip and Zach. I am sure you seen it if not you should look it up and see how sick he is. He plays a want a be Steve character from Blues Clues. He is directing the video to boys and girls. His best friend is an abusive monkey who has a fowl mouth and has sex with Ronnie's wife your daughter Michelle in which she plays is Mom and has sex with the monkey. You find that normal? It's sick and creepy. Cont......

York Family WebPage said...


Then he is online with a very boring speech with blonde hair going on and on and on and on with about all his wonderful qualities (which I have failed to see any). I don't find him smart, so what he memorizes all 10 season of Big Brother, Star Wars, and is addicted to video games. He learn spanish quick, that doesn't make someone smart. He is a loser. he is 30 years old unemployed. He has no acting skills, he can't sing. The only think I see that he is good at is crying more than any girl I know. He seems more gay than Kevin who is gay on Big Brother. His hand gestures are very feminine. He does something with his brows. There isn't any thing wrong with being gay, he should come out of the closet. be thankful that him and your daughter haven't had any children and the possibility of passing this sick gene on. I am not speaking about gay, lying, laziness, I am speaking about him just being down right creepy and finding joy in others pain. He openly said he was cyber bullying someone and found complete joy about this, he was bragging, he had no remorse, that is sick. He has said he has stalked someone, this isn't normal. I can't believe you haven't gotten your daughter away from this fruit loop. Chima on Big Brother was raped by a serial rapist (true story) I researched it to see if she was just making it up. Hard telling what Ronnie has done that we don't even know yet. Maybe if someone got that serial rapist help those women would still be alive and Chima wouldn't have been raped. Some one may have noticed something but they chose not to get involved. Are you and your family going to just sit by and letting Ronnie do these creepy things and not get him help? He is crying out for help, get it for him. I noticed his video of him confessing that he had cyber bullied someone has been removed. How convenient. Hopefully it is in the hands of the authorities and Ronnie will be arrested since that is against the law. he can sit in jail in an orange suit and hopefully then he will get some help, if not he is still of the street and away from our children who plans to reach (God forbid). I have two daughters that at a school for the performing arts and there is no way I would let him near my daughter or my two sons. Hopefully people have seen enough of how sick he is and when he applies for a job at a school he will be rejected. I hope that he isn't at the last show. I have seen enough of your sick son in law and don't think he needs to get any more publicity. Hopefully we will hear Julie Chen saying that all the house guest are there except for Ronnie (because hopefully he will be locked up in jail or in a padded cell). Again I have no idea who this lady is who I feel is doing a wonderful job on this sight and my thought and prayers go out to her and I hope she is cancer free. Just look on the Internet, your son in law is loathed and not because he played a villian or a rat but because he is creepy. People want to feel safe when they are walking the streets or are online they don't want to have someone like Ronnie stalking them cyber bullying him. God Bless you and your family and hopefully you will all wisen up.

York Family WebPage said...

This is to Jeff Brown. I just read your blog on this site. First you say something about the lady who runs this site and comment on her professionalism. I don't know her but it sound like a Mom who is a cancer survivor just blogging about different subjects. I am not sure I just fell upon her site today. What I do know is that she doesn't have to pass untrue rumors that she read on the Internet, what I have read that she has stated for fact came from Ronnie. This sick friend of yours admitted to these things. You can see him bragging online. He may have changed his identity by bleaching his hair but but Jeff it is your sick friend Ronnie online bragging about stalking people, cyber bullying, lying about all his wonder qualities and accomplishments. He is unemployed 30 your old who gets a kick out of tormenting people. He is sick and needs help. I had the misfortune of watching him on Big Brother unedited and you can see he is sick and the house guest will die when they see how just sick he is when they get out. Trust me there is not one person on that show who thinks they like him will want anything to do with him when they are out of the house. By chance are you his friend he plays the abusive monkey on Chip and Zach by chance? Just a thought. My advise to you is get a new friend, or get this friend some help. All these people can't be wrong about him. I know there are other people out there who are sick and adding fuel to the wire but Spoil Mom is not doing that. I am a Mother of 4 and I wouldn't want him near my kids. What she is stating are facts coming from the rats mouth himself. As for someone trying to set up a bot she never said Michelle did this. I do think it is someone who is close to him because why would any one else go to the trouble. That is the only way he could win is by cheating. Try and convince your friend to stay home for the finally because the majority of America who watch the show don't want to have the misfortune of seeing him again. Lisa

York Family WebPage said...

Hi Spoil Mom, I just came across your blog today. I cannot believe the hateful things people are writing to you. I hope you know there are more good people in the world at least I like to think so than these disturbed people writing hateful things to you. Unfortunately, I loss my Dad to cancer after a long battle and to see read these sick comments that people are writing to you is uncalled for. When you are battling cancer or any illness you need to surround yourself with good thoughts. I know you are being fair by posting their vile comments but I don't think you should give them the satisfaction. They are sitting at home laughing and bragging about their comments. I have read many sites where people are saying Michelle was trying to set up a bot. Like I said this is the first time I have seen your site. This is old news. Being married to a computer geek she should know that there is ways of finding these things out. She could press charges for defamation of character but then her commuters will be taken and families and a computer expert will see if indeed they were behind any of this. You can log on as someone else or anonymous but they can still find out your identity.

As for Preachers wife....come on, you want us to believe someone filled with so much hate is a preachers wife? What's coming to this world. A preachers wife doesn't have nothing better to do then log onto a chat site of people who loath Ronnie Talbot. I am not sure but I would be surprised on how many Preachers and their wives sit around watching big brother. Maybe I should sign this God. Everyone who has been watching knows Ronnie needs help. It is against the law to cyber bully. May be the preachers wife should be writing to Ronnie about that or his sick video Zach and Chip instead of someone voicing their opinion about someone trying to cheat in a contest. Lisa (Maybe Sister Mary Lisa)

York Family WebPage said...

ShellyB obviously you are just watching Big Brother prime time and don't have the live feeds or watching after dark, if you were you would see that Ronnie does more than lying. The hatred for Ronnie comes from sick stuff he has proudly posted on the Internet. He is sick and needs help. Type his name in and you will see all the sick stuff he has done (not normal and also may I state against the law). I noticed his gloating about Cyber Bullying and Stalking has now been removed because it could be used as evidence (which it still can be).

As for spoiled Mom bringing the fact she has cancer into this and what it has to do with Big Brother (nothing) she didn't do that. It was Ronnie's family and friends. Go back and read the blogs before you write your comment and bring up her cancer. If you have cancer like you say you do you should be supportive and not bring more negativity into her life. Keep up the good work Spoil Mom, I am enjoying you site. As for those of you who don't like it don't click on her site.

God Bless!

SpoiledMom said...

@ Lisa "York Family Webpage"

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and well wishes for me and my family.

As I have stated before, this is merely a blog that I update from time to time.

I have several other blogs and freelance for other major blogs and written publications.

I appreciate readers such as yourself, as well as the other readers that can see the true meaning in my posts.

Bless you and your family!

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