Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Brother 11 Deleted Scenes--Natalie Smells Funky

Natalie Martinez has been lucky enough to be on the "Have" winning team this season. However, most days, she appears as if she is a "have not".

It is hard to determine with this chick if she is a Have or Have Not without actually knowing for sure. Natalie Martinez's appearance and hygiene habits has been of constant fodder on the live feed forums.

Natalie is quick to admit that she doesn't shower frequently. When she does manage to take her weekly shower, it takes her about an hour. Natalie uses an electric razor to detail her hairy legs, arms, and other areas.

Many of the houseguests become perturbed when they decide to shower only to find out Natalie has just performed her weekly bathing regime, as they know there is no hot water.

Catch this deleted scene of the houseguests' diary rooms and their jabs at Natalie regarding her hygiene and her "funk"

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