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Chima Benson Evicted By Big Brother 11 Producers--Releases E-Mail: "I Quit, I Was Not Evicted"-- Plus, CBS Early Show Video

BB11's Chima Simone Benson

The OmaRosa of Big Brother Get's "Fired" By Producers

It seems as if nothing can make this thirty something single woman happy. Her very own grandmother stated on Thursday's episode that Chima would not even pronounce her name the correct way. Chima's grandmother explained the correct pronunciation is "Ch"-ima, but her granddaughter insists on pronouncing it "Sh"ima. Benson's grandmother did not seem too pleased with her granddaughters antics so far in the game, and this was before the production eviction.

The houseguests were given an announcement two weeks ago that America would vote for a houseguest to receive a special mystery power-known as the Coup D'etat. Benson made several threats that if the special power was used during her HOH reign, she would tear the house apart and threatened to make a scene during the live show.
The special power was the chance for another houseguest to overthrow the HOH's nominations, keeping only the HOH and Power of Veto holder safe from nomination of the Coup D'etat holder. Benson repeatedly mentioned her threats to all houseguests and on the live feeds, as well on Showtime 2's Big Brother After Dark.

CBS Production took her threats so seriously, that the always "live" Thursday eviction show had to be pre-taped ahead in the day, in case of a disastrous scenario on behalf of Benson. Therefore cheating the loyal viewers of the live show. One may argue that it was taped "live", however, "live" is "live" and we got pre-recorded. On top of that, viewers were not made aware of any difference. However, live feed viewers and true Big Brother fans knew something was askew.

By taping the show ahead of time, CBS Production decided to err on the side of safety, or as Benson saw it, they bowed down to her and showed her that she, indeed, held the upper hand.

For the third time in 11 seasons, CBS has to remove a houseguest from the Big Brother House

Video from Monday 8.17.09, CBS's The Early Morning Show

Fast forward to early Sunday morning around 11pm PST, when the antics began. Some of which were caught on the live feeds as well as on Big Brother After Dark which airs on Showtime 2.

Insiders say that senior production, as well as executive producer, Allison Grodner, was called in to defuse the situation. Benson was in full attack mode and screaming about the unfairness of the game, how she had been screwed out of her power by use of the Coup D'etat, and that the show was played by production to have her power removed, thus, leaving her nomination and nemesis, Russell, in the house.

CBS also reveals that Benson was informed that she would be paying for the mic pack that she destroyed by tossing it into the hot tub, as well as her stipend, and that she would not be joining the remaining players in the Jury House, nor be allowed to attend the finale. It has been also revealed that Benson may not enter into any contracts with Viacom,/CBS which also includes, Showtime, Comedy Central, Logo, BET, Spike, TV Land, Nick at Nite, Nickelodeon, Noggin, The N, Nick Jr., TEENick, MTV, VH1, MTV2, CMT, and Palladia.

Tuesday's episode will feature footage showing Chima's antics and the events that led up to her expulsion from the Big Brother House.

Benson was hoping to further her career in web-cast reporting, mainly celebrity reporting and journalism, by being cast on the summertime hit show. I see little hope for that now, unless there is someone looking for a new, improved, OmaRosa. Although, if the past serves as any indication, misery loves company, and scandal proves intriguing. Chima may get her just desserts by walking off the show, however, her break in contract is not favorable, and there is a list of networks she will not have an opportunity to work with no matter who "her friends" are.

Contrary to Chima's released email, if she had truly wanted to leave the house, would she not have packed her belongings? Instead, all of her clothing was being washed, as Benson and two other houseguests had taken the washing machine and dryer hostage, washing their clothing on the longest cycle, and at times, re-washing loads, and at times, one item loads. Their reasoning, if they couldn't have control of the house, they would control the washing machine. Great strategy

As my grandmother always said..."It all comes out in the wash.."

Goodbye, Chima. I can't say I am sorry to see you go. You were a big believer in "actions speak louder than words" and yours surely did. However at times, you played as if the loudest dog barking wins, and that title is yours as well.

Although a strong, beautiful woman who has overcome such tragic, brutal circumstances in your life--that I will not go into here--on the show, you were the epitome of weak, classless, oppression. The hate that you voiced was appalling and made me embarrassed for you. To come off so well educated, I could not once fathom why, or how, you would would speak such hatred. We viewers did not deserve your backhanded, racial, and politically biased remarks.

Being a very well educated Southern woman who is proud of my upbringing, class, political, and religious views, I did not appreciate your slanderous, racial remarks and criticisms of the Big Brother viewers. Were you not attempting to further your career by appearing on the show? Did you not once take into account the same viewers that you were critiquing could one day be a potential employer? If you think so poorly of the viewers of Big Brother, why did you invest your time to appear on the show?
It is unacceptable for a woman of your status to spew the hatred that you did, then have the audacity to call another a racist.

Chima, I pray that peace finds you and that someday you can truly be happy with what God blessed you with.

Here’s Chima’s full e-mail message:

“Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary. Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the
past couple of days wanting to leave….wanting out of that house!
As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay.

I lost faith in the show and my ability to remain committed to this game. All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don’t want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.

Do you really believe that I would be expelled for tossing my microphone when past houseguests have only been kicked off for violence and threats of violence? You know better, as do I.

It’s better that I left. I did what was best for me in this game and that was to
leave. When I chose to play and play hard, the power I did earn was completely
usurped by a game piece never used before in this game and my HOH reign was
rendered useless. I have no regrets. As cliche’ as it sounds, until the public
is a part of a human pressure cooker, then the judgements should cease.

First, I would like to know which houseguests have left of their own accord, that we the viewers, or AMERICA, as Chima refers to us, that we do not know of? I know of the two other houseguests that were evicted per production due to acts of violence, and there is always the BB8 "penalty nom" when Jen ate while on slop. But even after the berating she received from Evel Dick, Jen stayed and stuck it out until her eviction by the house.
More importantly, Chima must not know that the Coup D'etat has been utilized in the game before. The power was not given to a houseguest by America, but was either "found" or "won" by a houseguest, who at the time of possessing the power, chose not to use it as it did or did not benefit their game play at the time. (as in the case of Boogie) So for Chima to say that her power was "usurped by a game piece never used before in this game" is a total misstatement. Chima must have never heard the catch phrase, "Expect the Unexpected". Big Brother is a game with twists and turns, as we all know. Did she not get the memo? If she had not been HOH, would she have had such harsh convictions? I think not. It is obvious that Chima is accustomed to being in charge, being the most desired, and not having anyone stand in her way. Unfortunately, that's now how it works in the Big Brother house. Chima's email is another attempt to place blame on anyone except herself. Chima evidently did not know as much about the game as she claimed. She also does not give "AMERICA" enough credit for knowing / suspecting that the are "certain powers that be" that have a slight of hand in the way the game is played. ~SM

I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been
highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals? I
think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house.
Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman
defending herself, will always confound me. But what’s done is done, now BB fans
can find a new woman to hate. I didn’t sign up for what I was exposed to and I
left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned.
That’s all for now! Take Care…’”

Chima's demeanor changed drastically when Russell did not accept her advances while he was HOH. Contrary to what anyone may say, in my opinion, this is what brought about Chima's demise and downfall. She could not handle a man that was not under her spell, a man that did not bow down to her, and as she said "stood toe to toe" with her. I am not condoning Russell's actions by no means, but the change in Chima was blatantly obvious. There were a few days of closeness between the two after the "whipped cream" incident, until the night Chima was in the HOH with Russell and he was not returning her semi-advances. Russell did not give Chima the attention she was desiring then we saw a Chima who was unaccustomed to not receiving attention from all. It was a downward spiral from there. Next came a change in power where Chima was defeated and could not cope with the uncertainty of her fate. For once, she did not have control and was not in a position to manipulate. The only arsenal she had left was to resort to childish and unbecoming antics, which led to her ultimate removal from the house.

We faithful Big Brother viewers, those with the live feeds that follow every moment available, know the truth. It is just a shame that Chima can not handle the truth.

email source: Big Brother 11: Exclusive chat with Chima Simone [Examiner]

video source: CBS The Early Morning Show

other sources:

Real Player SuperPass Big Brother live feeds,

Big Brother After Dark, Showtime 2

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