Friday, August 7, 2009

Ronnie Talbott Evicted! -- Ronnie Talbott's Exit Interview with Julie Chen / Big Brother Live Episode


Ronnie Talbott, 30 year old unemployed gamer and cyber-bully, was the 4th houseguest evicted out of the Big Brother House on Thursday, 8.6.09. END GAME.

See the entire video of the live Big Brother Episode here at Big Brother 11

Ronnie Talbott's exit interview with Big Brother Host, Julie Chen.

Ronnie continues to downplay his horrible game play, deny he is anything but evil, and attempt his power of persuasion speaking on Julie Chen.

There is no sympathy when Ronnie meets his match with the classy, no-nonsense Julie Chen. Julie is not buying into any of Ronnie's ramblings. Chen calls Ronnie out on his every answer. Asking, "Can't the same be said of you?" Ronnie fails at his attempt to lie the blame of his mistakes on fellow houseguest, Michelle.

It is obvious that it is only sour grapes for Ronnie, for at this point,sitting across from the lovely Julie Chen, he realizes he caused his own demise in the house.

Ronnie then has the audacity to compare his game play to that of BB "Chill Town" alliance fame, "Dr. Will", and BB10's, Dan Gheesling.

Keep dreaming Ronnie. Or, hold that thought, not even in your dreams will you come close to being in the same league of Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling.

Remember, Ronnie? They WON!

When Julie finally asks Ronnie to describe what it is like to be in the house, Ronnie gives the genius answer of -- imagine putting 13 ("alpha people like me") in a house, lying, cheating, manipulating to get the money -- hmm, isn't that the main premise of the game?

LAME again, Ronnie. There is without a doubt, no depth to this guy.

He lacks the personality of a wet sponge.

Also of note, most evictees have at very least a five minute "CBS Early Morning Show" interview, notice the time of a little over 2 minutes spent with Julie in this video.

However, there is an extended interview video with an almost 13 minute running time, with further "enlightenment from Ronnie", which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Ronnie's entire exit interview with Julie Chen:
including crying, whining, continued lying, and reiteration of being a "consummate opportunist", to which I totally defy. Ronnie is a self-seeker, yes, but flexible and of superiority, no.

CBS Early Show
Big Brother

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