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Ronnie Talbott's Exit Interview Big Brother Hopes You Don't Read, Ronnie's LiveJournal Postings, Chip's Myspace Page

I think it is safe to say, at this point, America Loathes Ronnie Talbott. Chima Simone Benson may be riding on his coat-tails, but that is for another post.

Ronnie Talbott's activity during his down time -when not playing video games and attempting to keep his wife from divorcing him--has been discovered.

In an earlier postings, I presented you with Ronnie's Solitary Audition video, in which he admits to his cyber bullying. Also, I gave you the video production of "Chip and Zach", featuring Ronnie, his wife Michelle, and a sock puppet named Chip. It contains disturbing scenes of Ronnie's wife portraying Ronnie, aka Zach's mother, while then proceeding to "make out" with Chip the sock puppet.

Along with researching of my own and that of another poster/blogger, a MySpace page has been uncovered. Before being posted, I secured screen shots of the account.

The first link below is to the actual page, before it is deleted. The remainder are screen caps of the pages and Chip's blog.

"Chip's" MySpace page:

ChipChimp MySpace

Chip MySpace Cap 1

Chip MySpace Cap 2

Chip MySpace Cap 3

Chip MySpace Cap 4

Chip MySpace Cap 5

Chip MySpace Blog 1

Chip MySpace Blog 2

The screen caps were made due to the fact we all know the original MySpace will disappear like everything other disgusting thing Ronnie Talbott has endeavored in.
These are from the original MySpace, comments - some by his wife - and a blog written by "Chip the Monkey", from the YouTube video Chip and Zack.

It floors me to think that Ronnie and his wife think this sock puppet video is hilarious. It actually sickens me. As for Ronnie's deplorable comments to Casey about he and his wife's actions/morals are EXACTLY THE SAME at school and home should prove that neither Ronnie nor Michelle should EVER be around children!

More links:


Jackie from interviewed Ronnie during his last day of Big Brother protection -- his Exit Interview Day. They were unable to keep Jackie (Jax) from asking the questions that really spoke to his game play.

Jackie gave permission to link back to her site - thank you Jackie! YOU ROCK!!

Because of this interview, Jackie has been blackballed from any further interviews by the Big Brother Publicist! I have no doubt we have not seen the last of Jackie!!

The outrage over the blackballing of Jackie is blatantly obvious.

In retaliation, each of us Big Brother fans need to contact BB and let them know how wrong it is to put restrictions on Jackie. She asked all the questions we wanted asked, (and already knew the answers to) and at the very least, give Ronnie a last chance to own his mistakes. In true Ronnie fashion, he used semantics and never gave an honest, nor outright answer.

Please go to her link below, read the interview, and give please Jackie your kudos on an awesome interview/post!

Jackie from Mediafiend Exit Interview with Ronnie



These are links to hometown newspaper articles that has comments from locals - that have since been removed! Obviously, and perhaps sadly, Ronnie's local town doesn't think too much of him either.

Newspaper Article

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 1

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 2

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 3

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 4

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 5

2nd Hometown Newspaper Article 6

Here are more Exit Interviews - Ronnie's been making the Exit Interview Rounds!

People TV Watch Interview

Reality World Interview

It seems that Ronnie has figured out all that we have learned about who he really is!
The "Chip and Zach" perverted youtube videos, his creepy Solitary Audition tape that outed him as a cyber stalker/bully, as well as so much more, (Ronnie's LiveJournal writings, which are to say very revealing, yet disturbing, none the less are GONE!
Curiously removed and/or deleted within a day of Ronnie returning home from his stay in the Big Brother house.

However, due to my master recording skills, I have them on my safely on my computer. heh

Also, Google-ing Ronnie Talbott and AIM will give you some hits of some of Ronnie's comments and postings that are left behind. Ronnie was also a frequent poster at Survivor Sucks. The postings have been deleted, but SS members have began a very informative thread dedicated to Ronnie.
Some posters have wondered if the deletions were CBS's doing through BB Protection, or by Ronnie's own hand? It is hard to say.
The "Chip and Zach" was probably Ronnie, as well as the "Solitary Audition"? I'll go for all of the deletion being by Ronnie himself.

Clearly, he doesn't want any future employers or friends searching out his nastiness - making a video with a monkey puppet under the guise of "teaching children" and then turning it into a grotesque display of pervertedness is not the way to influence fellow educators. You know, the degree Ronnie is to obtain after 13 years of college at age 30?

In my opinion, since all of this material was found while Ronnie was inside the Big Brother house, some of which was easily found just by a simple Google search, and an in-depth knowledge of web-crawling. I am positive that Ronnie deleted all after his return home and upon learning of the ill will toward him and not feeling the love he expected.

An old LiveJournal of his - with the last post in 2005 has also surfaced. A few years old, but it certainly gives some background into his life at the time! And what a find!

Ronnie got wind that this blog had been dug up as well - and it was deleted also.

However, here are the screen caps from each blog - I did some cutting and pasting so you can read them in order, but of course, it is as it was on his blog!

Ronnie's Original --Now Deleted-- Live Journal

Ronnie Live Journal 1

Ronnie Live Journal 2a

Ronnie Live Journal 2b

Ronnie Live Journal 3a

Ronnie Live Journal 3b

Ronnie Live Journal 4a

Ronnie Live Journal 4b

Ronnie Live Journal 5

Ronnie Live Journal 6

Ronnie Live Journal 7

Ronnie Live Journal 8

Ronnie Live Journal 9

Ronnie Live Journal Top of Blog

This next article was sent to another blogger by a Central Michigan Fan...and has been verified through the means available.

Ronnie Talbott was never a "nationally ranked" debater. If he was, the
ranking would be very very low. Policy debaters debate at the NDT (National
Debate Tournament). If not at the NDT, there are other forms of debate as
well but the NDT is considered the most prestigious. Ronnie was a Forensics
participant, which houses L-D (Lincoln-Douglas style debate). As a
participant myself in NDT as well as Lincoln-Douglas, I know a thing or two
about what schools compete and what schools win. Ohio U has NEVER been a
major competitor in either style. To say he's a nationally ranked debater is
absolutely false, if not a major embellishment. Ronnie claims to have been a
national champion because he went to a tournament called Pi Kappa Delta. It
is a national tournament simply because everyone in the nation is invited.
It is NOT considered to be nationals, NFA (National Forensics Association)
Nationals is considered to be the "national" tournament. But don't just take
my word for it, even though I actually was an octafinalist at NFA Nationals
while having strep throat and mono, and was a top seed going into the
elimination rounds, and coached a high school debate team in Michigan to our
own state championship this year.

-- take a look at a Coach from Bradley University's thread:

Coach from Bradley University link

It is unfortunate that RiddleMe, the original poster of the messages outing Ronnie as the losing competitor that he is, has edited/deleted their original posts.

Ronnie is far from a real debater, he lied to get on the show. Thus, the reason behind his jealousy of houseguest Michelle Noonan.

Ronnie may have been "told" how smart and brilliant he is, but he lacked the ambition to further his academic career. While Michelle, on the other hand, went all the way to obtain her PhD.

Again, as I have stated before, Ronnie lacks the motivation to pursue anything of benefit in the real world.

Live Feeders may recall the conversations Ronnie had with Chima before his eviction that he wanted to find out how the other houseguests were chosen. -- As if CBS, AG, Endemol, Our House, and the other "powers that be", would allow Ronnie to be privy to that information. HA! Ronnie was p/o'd because he had to try out numerous times to even get on the show.

Me thinks it may have been the psych test..?

Another Ronnie Talbott production: "ManEater". Don't you just love these titles?

Ronnie Talbott in.... MANEATER

Check out another one of Ronnie's amazing pieces of work. He speaks sign language and the movie pokes fun at deaf and blind people. Ronnie's part comes in at 3:58.


This blog posting was based on my own, original research, along with the following:
the bloggers at : The World Hates Ronnie Talbott

Due to my damn chemo, they had the goods as well, and beat me to the post on the "LiveJournal" and "MySpace" info..
LMAO!! Great Job and Cheers, friend!
Pachinko at Survivor Sucks

Blondemss at Survivor Sucks:Dear Ronnie thread

Wonderful Ronnie Thread heh....

All the posters at Survivor Sucks

and Survivor Sucks in it's entirety.

All the updaters, posters, and members at Joker's Updates

Last, but not least, those who assisted me in the early research but did not want "credit" know who you are and you ROCK!

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