Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Brother 11's Ronnie Talbott's Sock Monkey YouTube Videos--"Chip and Zack"

Ronnie Talbott revealed to his fellow Big Brother houseguests that his profession outside the Big Brother house is that of an "educator". He claims his wife, Michelle, is an educator, as well. According to interviews, this is one truth Ronnie has told. His wife, Michelle Dye Talbott, is in fact a teacher at Parkersburg South High School.

Ronnie had harsh words for his fellow, yet recently evicted houseguest, Casey Turner, during his stay in the house. Turner is actually a fifth grade educator.

Ronnie critiqued and attacked Casey's personal life, as "unbecoming to that of an educator".

Casey Turner, aka, MingleMixx, is also a Tampa-area hip hop DJ who works clubs, weddings, parties, and other venues on weekends, during his personal time.

Ronnie seemed to let these videos--the first of which also includes his wife portraying his Mother-- slip his mind during his attack on Casey. During an interview with Big Brother Updates, Ronnie's wife, Michelle, states that she thought making the video was fun and that now she could say she has "made out with a puppet".

And your "sponsors of Chip and Zach"... (yes, that's Ronnie in the video)

Most viewers are aware that Ronnie is an unemployed gamer, posing as an educator in the Big Brother house.

Houseguest Chima, once questioned Ronnie's scholastic lesson plans. While Ronnie's answers did not fit those of his claimed "educator status", Chima commented on the inconsistencies with Ronnie's "lesson plan", citing his teaching curriculum did not correlate on grade level with his "educator status". However, Chima did not pursue the conversation further, except to mention the contradictions in a conversation with another houseguest, therefore, letting Ronnie off the hook.

On BB11 live feeds, as recent as last night, Ronnie has made several statements regarding his behavior as to not jeopardize his "employment".

Ronnie also stated that his first question to his wife, after his eviction, will be that of his employment status, and then how he was "edited" and the public's general liking of him.

Ronnie is taking a page out of BB10's Dan's game play - who is an actual educator and staff member for a college level football team - by scheming, lying, and making these educator references.

While Dan also schemed his way through BB10 to ultimately become the $500,000.00 winner, Dan held true to his educator status and morals, knowing that his students and fellow faculty members would be watching his game play. Dan also mentioned his students would be viewing and that he did not want to behave in a manner to embarrass himself, his family, his school, nor portray himself in a negative light "outside of the game and the BB House".

After viewing the above videos, would you want these two people teach your children?

Big Brother Updates

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