Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselin: Exclusive Eyewitness Account of Jon Gosselin's Sex-capade

Jon Gosselin Cozy Ups With Other Women
While Kate Gosselin Pimps Her Children's Book..
Who's Taking Care of the Children?

Media Whores: Can You Say STD??

Someone should turn the next episode of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality show into a pay per view event because when Kate reads this week’s celebrity magazines she is going to be angrier than an UFC fighter with a “Kick Me” sign on his back!
Actually, I have seen Kate appear to be more angry on the episodes than that. I think she is just generally "angry". At UFC 97, and at what may have been Chuck Liddell's last fight, Iceman did not appear as obnoxious and rude after taking a KO as Kate does on weekly episodes, or a daily basis.

There have been previous rumors about Jon’s infidelity and they have been strongly denied. But this week, as Ricky used to tell Lucy, he’s gotta a lotta ‘splaining to do!
With Kate nowhere to be found, Jon, minus his wedding ring, took off on April 18 for a motel, America’s Best Value Inn, located near his 26-acre estate in Pennsylvania. There he met up with a young woman who was clearly more than a fan of the show. At one point the two stepped into a stairwell and began kissing.
And not just “Hi, nice to see you kissing.” We’re talking passionate, deep stairwell kissing!
But those crazy kids forgot to lock the door and next thing you know they were busted by David Reitnatauer, a security guard! He tells his story exclusively in the new issue of the National Enquirer and gives more details about the liason plus reveals how Jon and the woman eventually took off in Jon’s car, with the woman driving.
Jon, of course, denies any hanky panky. But what he may not have known at the time of the denial is the new issue of Us Weekly has photos of him with the other woman, showing her driving his car on the same night at the same place!
Now Jon’s caught between the Enquirer’s eyewitness account and Us Weekly’s photographs. Geez, we hate to resort to clich├ęs, but that one about sleeping with one eye open from now on really seems to fit here.

How's this exploitation of your children working out for ya now, Kate?

Maybe Jon's best bet should be to sign up for "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!"

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