Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer is Coming and So is "Big Brother 11"!!!

I can hear the music in my head...I am already thinking of what ice cream to stock up on in the freezer, and getting tingly all over from thinking about it. What is it? One of my favorite "guilty pleasures" of Summer nights (get your mind out of the gutter)LOL

It's Big Brother and Big Brother After Dark. I am addicted to the show. My daughter is addicted to the show--the tame, edited show on CBS. I, however, can not get enough from 3 hours a week on CBS... I kept my cable movie package just so I could have "Showtime Too" for the nightly, live, three hour, "Big Brother After Dark", or "BBAD" for BB addicts. I belong to BB groups, chats, and thankfully, now the Dish Chicks will be "tweeting" updates on Twitter.

Mommy needs a new Blackberry for Mother's Day (or a "Lotus" will do just fine) :)

If you haven't caught Big Brother fever, give it a whirl. YouTube has a plethora of videos--even ones from Season 1, when I became hooked!!

Then, of course, there are the "live feeds". A voyeur's dream come true. The "hamsters",(a term of endearment for the house guests,) on your computer 24/7. Oh what joy! Oh how normal life seems to stop for 90 days when Big Brother begins. And not just for the house guests. LOL

Yes, it is a guilty pleasure, full of cat fights, drinking, making out, and ahem, dancing in the sheets, all for those watching to see--under the night vision cameras set up to catch every movement and moment in the house and outside in the backyard.
For those not familiar, 11-14 people move into the BB house for 90 days. NO TV, radio, books, (except for the Bible), cell phones, phone calls, no contact at all with the outside world. During this time, the house guests bond, or not, compete for food, prizes and most and importantly, the Power of Veto, to keep their asses off the block, so that they can stay another week. It is outwit, out-lie, out-play and out-smart the other house guests to move on week after week. Think of it as human chess. Every week there are exciting competitions in which the winner becomes instantly immune from eviction and is deemed head of household or "HOH" but with that comes great responsibility. The HOH must pick two other house guests to "put on the block" for eviction. The remaining house guests, after seven days, then vote on who leaves the house.

The end prize for all this stress? $500K for first place and $50K for second place. Not bad if you can withstand ridicule and harassment, or if you can dish it out and take it as well.

Hurry summer, and come on Big Brother!!


starfish said...

Oh I love Big Brother!
As you can tell I am a Reality Show JUNKIE big time!

I wish I could go on Survivor but I don't think I could stand to be away from my daughter that long!

SpoiledMom said...


LOL i knew we had a lot in common!!

i am totally addicted to BB!!

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