Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselin: Is Jon Gosselin's Affair A Rating's Ploy? And.. Kate Uses Episodes As Subliminal Advertising For Upcoming Cookbook

Is It All A Rating's Ploy?

Jon Gosselin's Affair: Have Viewers Been Duped?

As of late, I have been at most, intrigued, by the latest tryst of Jon Gosselin. And honestly, I the only answer I can find as to why this concerns me is the 8 innocent children involved.

It is ironic to me that this sudden attention on Jon began at the end of Season 4, when we learned that Jon was staying with his mother, allegedly to help her due to a broken foot. This is the same woman that Jon declared had no time for his family, and he would not make excuses for. The children even referred to her her in the same episode as "Daddy's Mom", not grandma.

Just before the season finale, the first leak of Jon's partying hit the gossip sites and made tabloid covers. If one is caring for his injured mother, why is one out partying until 2am? Pictures were taken and rumors started flying. Jon dismissed the photos as "fans". College girls watch a reality show about a 30-something family of eight kids? Okay..

Jon told us during the season finale that he couldn't just be "Jon". He is "Jon and Kate plus 8". He whimpered that he could not go anywhere in public without being hounded for a picture or spoken to. Boo hoo.

Hey Jon, you and Kate both signed up for it the day you signed your children's lives away to do the show. How are the children going to feel when they are older and out on their own?

It is also ironic that Kate's book tour appearance dates, --posted on Zondervan's website, Eight Little Faces Tour Schedule ( note: this site has mysteriously been taken down. The tour was to have lasted until the beginning of the Fifth Season premiere on May 25) --also coincide with the release of each of these rumors. It has been known for over a month that Kate's appearance on the Today show was scheduled for today. There was even talk of an organized demonstration to have the show cancelled to be held outside NBC studios.

Convenient that Jon's alleged affair resurfaced this week, along with the name of the woman that is supposedly involved. A 23 year old school teacher named Deanna Hummel, who's brother, Jason, "told all" to US Weekly, is now involved in this drama.

Deanna claims that there is no affair, that she and Jon are just really good friends. Jon released a statement that "He did not cheat on Kate". That's a very vague statement in my opinion. Jon also stated (in his prepared statement release) that he made very bad decisions and needs to be more aware of where he spends his time and who he spends it with. Jon, do your wife Kate, and your eight children ring a bell?? How about spending it with them?

Kate's appearance on the Today Show this morning was lacking in detail, but it did further convince me that all of this hoopla could possibly be a ratings ploy.

Straight faced Kate did not show any emotion during the interview. Meredith Vieira brought up "the elephant in the room" of Jon's infidelity, and Kate proclaimed that she was hesitant to believe any of it. In Kate fashion, the interview was turned around to be "about Kate" and how she is thick skinned ("as you know")and that she and Jon would work through it. ~as if it were no big deal, they would face it and go on. "We have to", Kate added.

Vieira asked Kate if it was a decent trade off, having the rumors and the tabloid covers, for the success of their show. (You Rock Meredith!) To which Kate answered,
"maybe not a trade off, but it goes with the territory". Territory? What territory? Celebrity? Yes, Kate is now a Celebrity. Her dream come true. She has achieved celebrity status now, again at the expense of her children, by having her husband commit adultery (allegedly).

Kate was so non-emotional in her answers, at one point, Vieira said, "But, Kate, it has to hurt.", referring to the stories and images being posted on the internet and on the tabloid covers. Vieira also asked Kate what she said to Jon when she found out about. Kate's answer was vague, yet seemed scripted. Actually, there was no direct answer.

Kate also said in her interview today, "People are paid a lot of money to talk." Although Kate is not very well spoken and has her quirks, she has become quite the money maker. Would she partake in a money making story just to boost ratings? Kate also added, we will be handling this "in private", yet there she is hitting all the media outlets~(look for her on Larry King tonight)~under the ruse of "promoting her book".

I think we have all been duped. After long thought, I do not feel there has been an actual affair. I believe it is all a ratings ploy.- after viewers were left with the cliffhanger of Season Four, questioning whether Jon would return-or if there would be a Season Five at all.

No sooner than the season finale ended, we were privy to "Jon and Kate + 8 Go Green".

We find out during the episode, it was filmed during Valentine's Day weekend.

Just shortly before the beer pong and "fan photo" incident.

Yet, the season finale "couch interview" and "set rip down" occurred and was taped after the incident.

Other than Jon's possible affair~and which woman I feel most sympathy for, Deanna, or Kate~ my heart is breaking for the children left at home with their nanny. As long as this show continues, these children will have no life of normalcy. Kate has even moved them far away from signs of other life, so they will never know or have the opportunity to live as a normal child. They will not ride bikes with neighbor friends, the girls will not have sleep overs with neighbor friends, they will not forge friendships and have memories of long summer days with their friends.

I think of my daughters' best friends in our neighborhood and pray that their friendships continue forever. I love the fact that their friends love to come to our home to hang out after school, on weekends and during the summer. One of their closest friends calls me her "adopted mom".

I am a stay at home mom, and yet I do not have eight children, I have two daughters close in age. Also, since the death of my husband, I have been a single parent for almost half my children's lives. I worked hard to keep myself together after my husband's death, I had to for my girls. I am fortunate to be afforded the ability to be a stay at home mom, and I thank God everyday for that ability. I also have been fighting cancer as well and my girls keep me going. If not for me, who would be here for them?

With that said, maybe that is why I am intrigued by the latest round of publicity for the Gosselins. This family that is famous for "it's as real as it gets", had rather be anywhere but at home with their children. Kate has morphed into media monger and Jon, well, there's Jon. You have to admit, on many of the episodes, it is Jon that is spending the majority of the quality time with the kids.

I also find it odd that Jen Stocks, the well known, award winning producer with Figure 8 Films, is no longer co-producer of the show. This occurred shortly before the end of the fourth season, just before the affair rumors began.

Perhaps Jen Stocks was the only one associated with show who had the integrity to not stoop to "Hollywood tricks".

Kate Uses Episodes to Subliminally Sell Upcoming Cookbook

Also, just in time for your holiday cooking, Kate will be releasing yet another book:

Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories Kate Gosselin
Format: Hardcover, Jacketed List Price: $29.99

Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories
Author: Kate Gosselin
Synopsis: If you enjoyed Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces, you won't want to miss this inside look at one of America's most famous close-knit families. Kate Gosselin shares recipes, traditions, photos, and more that will inspire you to make your family time more memorable and meaningful.
Available: November 2009

Wonder if this one will make the bestseller list. Kate has been using episodes to whip up creations, i.e. "JK+8 Go Green", where Kate "baked" the day away while "Renovation Nation" host, Steve Thomas, assisted Jon, or did Jon assist Steve, by installing solar panels, (aka "roof jewelry" according to Kate) on their home, installing LED lighting and solar pathway lighting. Kate baked pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies and such for environmentally Steve Thomas and crew, then served them up on paper plates and served coffee in styrofoam cups. Don't think Kate has quite gotten the idea of "conservation"...literally.

According to Kate's brother, Kevin Kreider, "he has never known Kate to be the "baking" type." Kevin also stated in an interview that "Kate only performs this baking and cooking in front of the camera and it is not a daily activity that she partakes in." Kevin Kreider is "uncle Kevin", husband of "aunt Jodi", who both appeared in several early episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts, but since you don't know this family personally maybe you should think twice before judging them. You think living with 8 kids in a cramped little neighborhood is better than letting them have plenty of room in the country? They will have friends at school and I'm sure they will have lots of fun with them. No need for loud annoying neighborhood kids. You may be spoiled but I'm pretty sure you're not perfect either.

SpoiledMom said...

Evidently you do not read the entire blog.

I am spoiled because of my winning battle with cancer that ensures me another day with my children.

I do not believe you know this family personally either. But as you are able to comment on my blog due to the first amendment, I am able to "write my opinion", not my judgement regarding the matter.

As the saying goes, Judge not lest thy be judged... no, I am not perfect, but perhaps you are.

The difference? I put my name on my posts.

imjacobsmom said...

Touche' SpoiledMom! I am leaning towards ratings ploy myself. I think that since their move and all of the freebies, the general public has had enough. Also, the kids are getting older and it's not as fun to watch. You know, Gloria Allred is accusing Octo-Mom of exploiting her children, but this has been going on for 5 years.....what's the difference? (Well, OctoMom was not employed and is not married....LOL) I hope you and your girls are having a nice weekend. ~ Robyn

SpoiledMom said...


Thank you for commenting! I have posted-either here, or twitter, or somewhere- the same thing re: Gloria Allred and that she should contact DCS regarding the 'tups. Someone should step in. I was very hurt when I found out that Kate was not home for Mother's Day nor the 'tups 5th birthday. I honestly believe this has become a circus and a money maker for Kate--she only sees dollar signs. Fans "judge" us, saying we are haters, I do not want this woman's life. I do, however, by being a concerned citizen and a parent, want to know that someone is looking after the well-being of these children and protecting their future. For all we know, Kate is going through the 'tups' money as fast as Nadya is buying Hollister clothing. There are no excuses for Nadya, but there is a greater age difference between she and Kate. However, they should both know better. They are using their children for profit, gain, and free trips and "things" that they can easily afford now. The materialism is insane.
What is up with the cross-over shows? How does that benefit the children, other than the money. I just don't get it.
Happy Memorial Day and wishes for a wonderful weekend to you and yours!

Plato said...

I'm sure tonight's airing of the "Jon & Kate face each other for the first time" will be a record setting show for the network.

Admittedly I'm intrigued with all that's happened, and I will definitely be watching tonight. I missed the last episode of season 4, but I think I get the gist of it.

Whether I agree or not, you definitely have the right to exercise your 1st amendment rights!

I'd like to know why no one is asking Deanna's brother just how much he's getting paid to make these comments, and exactly who is paying him. I noticed that Deanna herself really hasn't made any elaborate statement beyond, "We're just friends." Now is she soo love and wants to protect her man? or is she getting paid on the side as well?

Has anyone taken into account, that yes, she just might be into cars and that he was just letting her test drive it? It is possible, there are women out there who like cars and if given the opportunity will test drive someone else's car? I'm one of them, and I'm never accused of trying to seduce a man over it.

I don't know how much of a rating ploy it is or isn't but it was successful to peak my interest and they will get another ratings point from me.

SpoiledMom said...


Thank you for your comment, and you may be surprised that I do agree with your thoughts.

My oldest daughter, who interestingly enough, had a very logical response to the photo of Jon and Deanna...
"Maybe Jon had too much to drink at the bar and asked Deanna to drive him home.."

Well versed and very non-judgemental on her part, I have to admitt, even though I may be biased. LOL
Nonetheless, it was an interesting theory that has not been mentioned in the press. As we know, the tabloids love to trash and defame.

However, as in previous postings, I have stated that I would think if none of the reports were true, Kate, or one of the parties involved, would bring forth a lawsuit against the tabloids for slander.

(Brooke Shields just began a battle against the tabloids for coercing her mother, Teri, whom Brooke states is in a state of dementia. Brooke charges the tabloids were attempting to gain information from her mother against her will.)

Ratings ploy or not, all the controversy has caught my attention as well. My sympathies lie with the children, as always. They do not know any other life than this of "being on tv". Kate says she wants "normal for her family". Kate's attitude changed and was apparant near the end of season 4. She is more materialistic than ever and it pains me to hear that she is away from her children as much as she is. (Maybe the reason for some of the children's behaviorial problems?) But with controversy comes inquisition, so I will be waiting to see what Jon and Kate have to offer. Some may say they do not need to explain. Once they became public, so did their lives. I do believe they should be afforded their privacy. I also do not consider them celebrity, I feel Kate has labled herself as such. Again, my only concern is for the well being of the children.

Although we may disagree to an extent, thank you again for your positive commenting. Enjoy the show!

Plato said...

After watching the season 5 premier, I had an "aha" moment after seeing Jon take out a cake from this car ...

He's having a mid-life crisis. Why else would a father of 8 buy a 2-seater car. No doubt he probably made that purchase while he was living with is mommy. He got his hair plugs, dropped some weight, and now think he's all that a bag of chips.

My heart goes out to the family, however, I think they somehow forget that while they didn't "sign-up for for this." It was to be expected. I mean the only celebrities that I know of that do not get stocked by the paparazzi on a regular basis are news reporters and anchors.

I just thought that Jon's interviews while on the couch lacked any sense of remorse of sincerity. I'm not sure why, when he leaves his house (or his mothers), that just because he does not have the kids or wife, that he can pretend he is single.

I thought the episode was edited to basically make Jon look like the child he is.

I do get the impression that he is spiteful towards Kate, and he must have admitted it - else why would Kate mention it, of her success. His comment about, "well I can't write." I think he jealous, resentful, possibly depressed and is have a full blown pity party for himself. And to distract his own state of mind, he goes out and pretends that the wife and kids don't exists.

Funny how he didn't complain about the paparazzi before he got caught doing something he shouldn't be.

While I hope they can work things out, it do not get the impression that Jon would like to - it's not in his speech and certainly not in his body language and actions.

He just needs a really good reality check.

Kate is no saint, at least she's sincere. Yes, a book tour is causing her to be away from home, but it's a job that she signed up for, and I don't blame her for trying to strike while the iron is hot and trying to forge a new career for herself. At least when she's out on her book tours, she's not drinking with college co-eds till 2 in the morning and having some young buck drive her back to her hotel.

Boo-hoo Jon. Kate sacrificed her career as a nurse to be a stay at home mom, and now that the kids are a bit more independent she's trying to secure a new career for herself, and income for her kids future. Hmm, you don't know how to cook, you don't know how to do laundry - you clearly have hired help to do these things, that only leaves being a daddy to your kids. Daddy, not father. Are the kids too much work that you can't handle it? Get over it, step up, be a man, and more importantly, be a father.

If Jon wants to be a part-time father, then there isn't a whole lot she can do about it. Just cut him loose, and cash his alimony and child support checks. Let him find a young co-ed who wants to be with a guy that needed hair plugs, and is financially responsible for 8 kids.

I've seen how the family is spending money left and right and are becoming more and more materialistic, but I wonder if that were to happen to any other family, would they be able to resist the temptation too? I know if I got paid what they did, I certainly would be buying different things for myself and loved ones, I just know that I have great family and friends that would help me stay grounded.

Anonymous said...

Colin was shown blinking rapidly, rocking back and forth on his birthday...Leah vomits, Mady has anger issues, Cara is sad and depressed, Hannah has migraines, who knows what the audience doesn't see.

It is past time for these parents to stop worrying about material items such as Cole Haan shoes *I now know of that brand because of Kate Gosselin or a flashy sports car for Jon. The Gosselin 8 has paid dearly in front of the camera and for the narcissistic parents. Enough! The fans are selfish too for wanting to snoop at the lives of these children.

Prayers for the Gosselin children. Also, SpoiledMom God Bless you in your fight against cancer. Losing your husband then having to fight against cancer while being a single parent isn't fair. Many Americans are fighting unfair fights that make the Gosselins look like sniveling fools.
That is what The Learning Channel should be about--not narcissism, ratings and greed.

SpoiledMom said...

@Anonymous from May 29, 2009 10:41 AM:

Thank you for your comment. You are spot on with your observations of the children. There is so much that I am sure we are not privy to.

These children need someone to have a voice for "them". Kate, nor Jon, obviously do not have time for them.
Despite all the hoopla in the press, I do see Jon being a more "hands on parent" than Kate ever has.
All of the "critics of the critics of J & K" are no better than people like you and I, who want the best for these children. They criticize by saying "we do not know the family." I have an inklin that they do not know this family either. They also do not know me or my passions. I do email PA legislature, TLC, as well as Figure 8 Films. TLC and Figure 8 do not respond because this is a "cash cow" for them. The show is not about the "kids" anymore. It is about the deterioration of a marriage before our eyes, which is unfortunate for the children, and the public should not be witness to it.
TLC's recent comment that "there have never been cameras in the children's rooms" is a blatant lie. We have seen it for ourselves. Kate and Jon mentioned the "mounted camera" during loveseat interviews, as that is how they determined it was Alexis that was waking the children up at 4am. We also see a "time lapse" clip of the kids during a supposed nap time.

TLC also stated that "the same production crew has been used since the beginning and they are considered to be extended family." Another blatant lie. Jen Stocks is no longer with JK+8, and Scott Enrow and "Jim the sound guy", are both with the Duggar family on 18 Kids and Counting.

What fools TLC takes its views for. All we have to do is watch the credits. (along with a little investigation)
Watching the season premiere, I felt very uncomfortable and if I were watching something I should not have been. -- Along the lines of the episode where Kate was too busy picking out "free furniture" to take care of her son's constipation. That episode is degrading and will forever be available on the internet for the entirety of his life.

Also--be wary of "Kate's cooking and baking"--it's all a prelude to her soon to come cookbook. Another subliminal use by TLC. Honestly, would you buy a cookbook filled with family values and bible verse from this woman?
Not I..I value my faith too much. I feel Kate needs to hone up on hers instead of writing about it.

Also, thank you for your prayers and for your sweet words. I will continue the fight--I have beat cancer once and pray I will again. My children and my faith keep me going. Thank you for reading.

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