Friday, May 29, 2009

Jon Gosselin Spends Memorial Day Weekend Without Kate

Jon Minus Kate plus their 8 children

Jon and Kate Spend Memorial Day Weekend Separately--In Separate States

Jon Gosselin chillin' at a NY bar on Memorial Day--

Kate Gosselin and bodyguard, Steve Neild aka "Mr. Gray", plus Nanny; two of the 8 kids are not shown as Kate and company exit a ferry at Bald Head Island, NC on Wednesday morning. Kate's other security is seen at entrance to ramp behind "Mr.Gray"

Jon and Kate Gosselin spent Memorial Day apart with Jon going to a New York bar with two women while Kate took their 8 children on a boat ride in North Carolina.
Along with Kate were nannies, security, and Kate's bodyguard, Steve Neild, sans his wife.
Witnesses tell People magazine Jon Gosselin and two female friends stopped in at 26 Front Street bar in Newburgh Monday afternoon. “They came in, approached the bar, got some drinks and then stood off on their own by a railing. They were laughing and talking and they all left together,” says a bouncer who checked Jon’s ID.
Another bar customer says Jon appeared to be flirting with one of the women, who looked to be in her 20s. “There was a lot of intense conversation. They were laughing a lot and looked really close. It looked like flirting to me,” the onlooker says.
Jon simply came in "to have a beer and chill," bar manager Robb Tanczos tells the mag. He only stayed for about half an hour before he noticed people were taking photographs. "People weren't causing a scene or ooohing and ahhhing, but Jon could tell people were starting to notice him and he got uncomfortable," Tanczos says. At that point, Jon finished his beer and left with his two female companions.
Us Weekly reports that a one onlooker named Jess called into 104.7 The Dial radio station after spotting Jon at the bar. "They were just ... drinking some Miller Lites," she reported. "No canoodling, nothing like that. He was wearing his ring, I will give him that."
After leaving the Front Street venue, Jon took his friends to Torches restaurant. "There was no flirting or affection," Torches manager Damien Brady adds. "They just looked like old friends and were laughing and having a good time."
The Gosselin family drama first began when Jon was spotted out late one night with a woman named DeAnna Hummel. He denied reports he cheated on Kate with Hummel and admitted he used “bad judgment.” Soon after Kate denied rumors she had an affair with her bodyguard.
The couple has admitted they are dealing with problems in their marriage. The problems were evident in the recent season premiere of their TLC reality show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’


photos courtesy: TMZ

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