Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SpoiledMom's Baby Girl Goes to Formal

It doesn't seem possible that my oldest daughter is about to end her junior high school years.

To celebrate, her school held a Formal Dance this past Saturday night.

Those of you familiar with my blogs know that I "affectionately" refer to my daughters as "SpoiledBrats 1 and 2", a spin on "SpoiledMom", done so as to not use their "real" names. However, far from spoiled, they can be brats. (oh who am I kidding....)

This posting just happens to be about SpoiledBrat1.

She and I had a wonderful time shopping for her dress and anticipating the upcoming event. I am thankful that I was able and healthy to enjoy all the planning of her big night.

On Friday, she got a french manicure, her first experience with "tips".

When she was 'a lot' younger, and I was actively getting my nails done and "re-filled"--she also wanted to have her own nails.

Against my better judgement, and I remember feeling I was going to regret the decision, (which I ultimately, in the end, did) -- I allowed the nail tech to proceed with applying a full set of nails to my then 11 year old.

The very next day, during school, my daughter "popped off" the nails.

Needless to say, she only received polished nails after that.

Fast forward a few years - she now loves our own mani/pedis at home.

Pick up one of the foot bath massages, the kind with "spa bubbles" and a foot massager in the bottom, (they have them at Target), polish remover, your favorite polish, quick dry spray, (don't forget the toe dividers!) and any other materials you want/need, and you can have your own spa experience, too. We love to light scented candles and pop in a movie. We usually do our "spa day" on the weekends, so I make lemonade or fruit tea and serve in "fancy glasses" as my daughter refers to them, and have fruit I have already cut up. Both of my daughters love this time together. With everyone pinching pennies, it is a great way to spend time together and still feel pampered. (even if I am the one doing most of the pamering... LOL)

She had her first spray tan on Friday night. It turned out awesome, she still looks like she spent the weekend on the beach. I have to admit, being a tanning addict, I am a bit jealous.

After a sleepover of a plethora of giddy girls, we headed to the salon Saturday afternoon for her up'do.

My youngest daughter spent the remainder of Saturday and that night with a friend, so my oldest and I had special "bonding time" together.

I gave her a pedicure and did her make-up. Then, it was picture time.

I also have a picture of her and her date, her "cell phone".

Time arrived for the dance. I dropped her off at the school, not too early, but just "on time". She was greeted by oohs and ahhs, and I ooh'd and ahh'd all of her friends, then I got "the look", that meant, "beat it, Mom". So I left.

I drove home thinking how fast the time had passed since she was born. All the "firsts" that we had gone through together, and all the "firsts" she has yet to come.

I also thought about her Dad, and how much I hoped he could see his little girl and how beautiful she was that night.

In this uncertain world we live in, with more children missing every day, hug your children a little tighter, listen a little closer, and most of all, love them with all your heart.

I love you, my dear daughter, and most of all, I wish for all your dreams to come true.


Anonymous said...

Your SB1 is gorgeous and looks absolutely lovely in her blue gown.. Congratulations Mommie enjoy being her mom.. My granddaughter just had her junior high prom dance too they are special days..

starfish said...
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