Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kate Gosselin's Today Show Interview 5.7.09

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Kate says she is hesitant to believe the tabloids. She also claims they are working through this privately, so why all the media and publicity? Jon and the kids were booked to appear with Kate, however, according to Vieira, Jon opted to stay at home with the kids.

Damage control or ratings ploy?

Does Kate appear as a woman scorned or just a scorned woman?

Hard to tell, Kate has yet to allow much of a kind nature or pleasant temperament to been seen.

However, even though she could care less if her books sold one copy, she is flattered that both books made the NY Times Bestsellers List.

She had to throw that in for good measure. If my husband were involved in a scandal such as Jon, I could give a flip about the NY Times Bestsellers List. Not Katie, she has another book due out just in time for the holidays.


starfish said...
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SpoiledMom said...

the ruffled chicken's ass razor cut..

however, on Larry King, it was quite "deflated"... talk about matching your personality...


starfish said...
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