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Jon and Kate Gosselin "Memorial Day Weekend Marathon" Damage Control or Jon's Send-Off

I have been wondering if TLC's four day "Memorial Day Weekend Marathon of Jon and Kate + 8 is actually a "memorial" to the show that could have been. I also wonder if the re-airing of all these shows is for residual to Jon Gosselin's severance pay, should he be leaving the show.

Whatever the reason, I think TLC has went overboard with the damage control of Jon and Kate. I could have taken at least two days of the Duggars, or even an entire four day marathon of Little People..Big World over Jon and Kate Gosselin. I have also noticed, that most of the "sponsorship" read commercials, have been other TLC shows, and the TLC Summer line up. Hmm..what's up with that? Other sources say that Nestle, producer of "Juicy Juice" which was a major product placement for the show, has now pulled sponsorship. In the last few episodes of Season 4, the Juicy Juice label has been "greyed out" on the bottles.

So you all know by now all the scandal behind the scenes of "family-friendly" Jon and Kate + 8. Jon is "supposedly" having an affair with a 23 year old teacher. Kate is "supposedly having an affair with her "bodygaurd". (why does this woman need a bodyguard anyway?) During all of their freebie trips, they did not hire extra security-that we saw or knew about- for the children, the "actual" stars of the show. They utilized "free help" from family members and close family friends, aka, Beth Carson and daughter, and the now famous "Aunt Jodi". However, these family and friends have been kicked to the curb by Kate and Company.

Are all the tabloid stories real? Do you care? Should we care? I do care about the well-being of the children, even though they aren't mine. That is what caring people do. I hate to see their lives ruined by their mother's choices of exploiting their lives in front of the camera and how their attitudes and personalities have changed over their short lives.

Talk about Jon making bad choices. Kate has made many a bad choice in my opinion over the course of the series. But that is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

TLC's four day "Memorial Day Weekend Marathon" of Jon and Kate plus 8, gives us not only a replay of all the freebies this family has received, Kate's yelling, screaming, and constant berateing of Jon, but also reminders of all Kate's inconsistencies. One that jumps out instantly is from Saturday's episode of "Sextuplets Turn 3!!". At the end of the episode, Kate makes a huge deal regarding how they sang "Happy Birthday" individually to each child, instead of saying each 'tups name (in birth order) quickly during the song. Fast-forward 2 years, a preview of their 5th birthday, which was just filmed on May 16, - an entire 6 days after their actual birthday- Kate is seen standing over the 'tups and their cake. While "Happy Birthday" is being sung, Kate immediately starts screaming -loudly -all of the children's names, not individually, as she self-proclaimed she would never do again, during the rushed version of the song.

Kate was in NYC the week leading up to, as well as the weekend of the 'tups' birthday-5/10-which also happened to be the same day as Mother's Day this year. Not only did Kate miss her children's birthday, she missed Mother's Day, due to press interviews regarding the affair scandal. Thus, the children's birthday party was delayed until May 16. Sources claim a "private party" was held at the Gosselin home on 5-10, however, Kate was in NYC giving a personal interview and photo shoot according to People magazine, May 25, 2009, issue, of which, Kate is on the cover.

During the marathon, Kate also goes on and on about "traditions" and their "focuses" - none of which we have seen followed through, on camera anyway. We also get a great repeat of all of Kate's belittling of Jon and Kate's "I like you a lot.", afterwards during the interview session.
And again, Kate accuses Jon of making "bad choices"?

THE SHOW "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

Season premiere Monday night at 9 on TLC

REASON TO WATCH Jon and Kate Gosselin and their alleged infidelities are the tabloid story of the moment. Two months ago, more than 4.6 million viewers flocked to the fourth-season finale. But now, for better or worse, "Jon & Kate" has raised its must-see stakes. There's significantly more suspense than was ever in the show's original concept: rearing a houseful of twins and sextuplets.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT A two-minute preview of Monday's season premiere provides a glimpse of the Gosselins in the wake of reports that they have cheated on each other. They've denied the allegations.

Jon and Kate both appear in the clip, posted last week on the TLC Web site. But each addresses the camera while seated alone on a couch."Kate and I obviously have been going through a lot of stuff and discussing what's best for our kids," says Jon."My kids are the reason I have always done everything," says Kate in a separate segment.The kids are seen celebrating the sextuplets' fifth birthday party at a water park near the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home.

"It gives me like a heart attack thinking about it: My youngest kids are 5!" Kate says wistfully.

In the closest reference to their behind-the-scenes turmoil, Jon says: "The world isn't about ratings and TV. It's about happiness and love . . . and family and God."

But in another clip released Friday, Kate tells the camera quite poignantly, "Everything's falling apart. I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders. . . . I will not give up. I will not lay down and die."

BOTTOM LINE A stress level was always part of the show's recipe. Kate came off as snippy, Jon as taciturn. Their less-than-perfect relationship made them seem relatable to viewers. But now the suspense is surely felt at TLC. It must strike a balance between the racy new reality of its hit series, and holding firm to what the network stands for: family-friendly fare.

"Attention and big audience are desirable," said Robert Passikoff, president of the market-research firm Brand Keys, "but not at the expense of the network's brand. . . . I can't imagine this does anything to reinforce the core values of TLC or the show itself."

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Will you be watching Monday?

some sources


Anonymous said...

hope you feel out of line.. she did sing happy b-day to all of her 6 children.. they just dubbed it to make is shorter.. stop jumping to conclusions.. like the rest of us you just hear what the tabloids have to say, but you are kept in the dark with all they editing the can do on tv and in pictures.. If you are so worried you should spend your time be constructive email her advice or pray for her family.. dont be such a critic.

SpoiledMom said...

@ Anonymous said:

"..dont be such a critic."...

If you had read the entire posting, you would have read that I clearly stated that the "preview" showed this. I am well aware of tv editing.

As you seem to be full of criticisms, re: "I hope you feel out of line" and basically your entire comment..
I will allow you the title of "critic".

Odd that you only commented to voice your criticisms of me, but the entire truth that Kate missed Mother's Day, not to mention the sextuplets' birthday because she was doing her People Magazine cover shoot and interview, did not seem to bother you in the least.

That is the problem with the
"critics of the critics of JK+8"-- They are too busy critiqing the people who are whole heartedly concerned for the children to see the truth that is in front of them. And they always seem to hide behind "Anonymous".

Just to enlighten you, I do write and email PA legislature, TLC, Figure 8 Films, and a plethora of other organizations that you would have no knowledge of, regarding the exploitation of the Gosselin children. The destruction of this family should not be used as a form of entertainment.

I pray everyday for the children and the Gosselin family, I pray that Julie's bill will be passed into law to force this exploitation to stop.
I have also added you to my prayer list, as well.

As I have said to critics such as you before, "Judge not, lest thy be judged."
Have a blessed day!

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