Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1.20.09: Inaugural Day, and Finally, Bush's Last Day

I can't help to feel a mixture of emotions today. It has been a long time since I witnessed an inauguration. The last one, as you can already imagine was President Clinton. I was all of 20 years old at his first inauguration and I felt about a quarter of what I feel today. Oh, I was excited, and the thrill from my being able to vote for the first time in that Presidential election was still deep within me. Today, however, it very special. Something extraordinary. I wanted to keep the girls home from school today to witness this event. I believe their classes are going to be airing the festivities during class today. They should. This is history in the making. If only Inauguration Day could have fallen on Martin Luther King Day. That would have been awesome!

I do not want to get into a political post. I believe that each his own, this just happens to be mine. My family has always been blessed, but during the last year the economy has touched our lives personally. My father, a corporate man, lost his job of 35 years last Spring. After quickly finding another position within a different company, a company, upon my father's hiring, boasted that they had never had economic problems and did not foresee any in the near future, closed their offices six months after hiring my father. It is a scary feeling. Even though I am fast approaching 40, to know your "daddy" is out of work, is upsetting not only to me, but I can imagine the stress and pressure that has put on my mother and him.

Truth be told, I believe my father like being at home. He has all the time to do the things he wanted to do when he worked. He loves to fish, garden, piddle around in the yard, visit friends, visit his favorite (and only) daughter. They are secure enough thankfully, that he does not have to assure that he has a job by a certain time period as some people do. My heart goes out to those people. So many have lost their jobs, their homes, their security, sense of self-worth and respect.

I gladly accept our new President Obama. I want to watch this moment of history. The first man of color accepting the position of President of The United Sates. Some said it would never happen. I, for one am glad it did.

I remember taking my girls to play dates and watch in amazement at how they would interact with other children, including children of color. You could tell, they did not seem "to see" the difference. My girls never asked why "little Billy" was a different color than they. I was proud of them, and of my parenting and my raising. Children are so accepting, I used to wonder, when does the hate enter a person's life. Then I knew, it is learned. I was raised, thankfully, to not notice differences in people, we are all God's children.

Sure along the way, in school, on TV, and in books, I learned that there are people that insist that to make themselves feel better, they must belittle and degrade those around them. Most of the time it has nothing to do with color. It just happens to be whomever is the target for the day.

Keep our troops in your hearts an prayers, today and every day. Wish them home soon.

I am going to TiVo the Inauguration to watch again when my girls get home from school. It is a moment I want to share with them. I can not wait for tonight, either. I love to see the fashion, and the Inaugural Balls. A little overdone, I have to admit, but this one, it is special.

Those of you that follow a lot of the blogs, and haven't yet heard, Queen of Spain (Erin) had the fortunate opportunity to attend. She is checking in on her IPhone via BriteKite and on Twitter.
You can follow her on Twitter @QueenofSpain. Also, check out her blog at Queen Of Spain. She's a cool mom and she ROCKS!

I will be Twittering during the day, as well. So follow me, if you like @ SpoiledMom on Twitter.

To Tomorrow: A New Day Of Change For America.

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