Saturday, January 31, 2009

UFC Fight Night: BJ Penn vs GSP 2 (Welter Weight Rematch)

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Unfortunately, BJ Penn took several hits to the back of the head after repeated "warnings" by ref Herb Dean. Herb Dean finally called the fight per doctor's advice, even though, Penn had not given the okay to stop the fight.

BJ Penn is requesting an overturn of the fight.

There were several decent fights on the card, however, with Penn's loss, I felt as if $45 was tossed. Thank God for Tivo and DVD burners.--heh We can relive both losses back to back now. Penn will be back and good as new. On an aside..Penn looked remarkably "smaller" than GSP, even at GSP's fight weight of "175lbs".
Still questioning GSPs "true" weight...we will never know.

more info as it is released......

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