Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surviving The Storm

Snow day, schmo day. The ice was wretched today.
No school, no cable, no phone, NO INTERNET, NO BLOG.

After my last update, I heard a "crrraaaackkk", a thud, then everything went silent. Seems the ice was too hefty for a tree limb right above the cable and telephone lines. Slient, peaceful, bliss. No tv, no phone ringing, no internet distraction...(although I did wonder about you readers....)

But not for long.

Funny how cell phones work during outages. Good thing, maybe. If you are stranded or in need of help. Neither of which I was. Except perhaps when I used my cell to notify the cable and telephone companies of my predicament. My oldest, however found it her relief in "the most terrible of situations" she could have been in on a snow day. How dare the internet go out!

Luckily, my electricity, and my heat, was saved. Although, I did keep the fire roaring hot. SpoiledBrat and I popped corn the old fashioned way in the fire, then we cuddled up for a movie. I was loving the great quality time with my youngest daughter.

But not for long.

She started getting texts, then emails, then calls. I have to admit, I became just a "smidgen" jealous that the girls had some form of internet connection.

However, I did survive. SpoiledBrat returned after her important social impediment on our movie date. We drank hot chocolate, ate popcorn and finished off the muffins from earlier this morning. I enjoyed spending the time with the girls, laughing and watching movies. Time well spent. They even took the initiative to "silence" their cell phones during the movie, and for some time afterwards. I am glad that they have not become too consumed by all the technology of today.

It was too slippery to even get outside to capture the beauty on camera. No pictures other than the one I got this morning.

Not to worry though, there is more snow and ice coming tonight. I feel another round of hot chocolate and muffins coming. Just pray for no falling tree limbs.

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