Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland, On Ice... *UPDATED*

I awoke at 5am to find this outside on the power lines connecting to my home:

Originally posted @ 5:20am Tuesday, 1.27.09, updated 8:30am 1.27.09

I asked for it, I got it. LOL Actually, I asked for Snow! But as long as everyone is safe, and I don't lose power, I'll be fine.

I have a fire roaring, my coffee w/creme brulee creamer, my favorite candle burning, and the kiddos are still sleeping in....for a while, I hope.. There are a couple of old movies I want to watch. Yes, they are on Lifetime Movie Network...yes, I am a LMN junkie, its a running joke among friends. If only it had been Rosanne Marathon Wedensday on Oxygen.....LOL Better still, I received the new seasons of Jon and Kate + 8 and Little People, Big World for Christmas. (I have an eclectic taste in television) I really don't like Kate that much either. There's a story for another day.

Days like this make me want to bundle up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, my favorite blanket and watch old movies all day. It is so dark outside. The snow is coming. (Yippiee) I feel just like my daughters and I am not even in school. Most parents dread snow days, but I love having my daughters here with me. We have the best times. The freezing rain is still coming down. I have my coffee, blanket, Daisy-my shih-tuz-on my lap, and my laptop. I just feel giddy like a child. I love the scents of the fire, coffee, my gingerbread candle, the smell of blueberries from the muffins, and the wood of my home. I find it very soothing and relaxing. The girls are sound asleep for now.....Snow Day! Woo-hoo!

I have been up for a while this morning due to the ice and snow. I already have homemade muffins-blueberry and chocolate chip-and a carafe of homemade "Mexican" hot chocolate awaiting them for when they rise. Mexican hot chocolate is wonderful, if you love cinnamon. Just make hot chocolate as usual and add a dash of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. You can also buy the Mexican chocolate wafers that already contain the spices. To make: boil your milk, pour into a glass blender, add the Mexican chocolate wafer, and blend. It is very delicious, and I love it. It may be an acquired taste, although my girls seem to love it. However, I prefer my own recipe for homemade hot chocolate and then add the spices--if the girls want them--depends on their mood. They also love to use my French Vanilla or Creme Brulee creamer for a different twist.

By the way, the picture that I added to the blog above, I emailed it to the local news station and it was aired during the weather segment...I'm famous! I received a phone call from my father asking if it was from me. He was joking, though, as if I am the only "Chrissy" in my town. I told him his autograph was in the mail

As I have already been awake for four hours now, I think I will try to catch a nap or a movie before the girls rise and the day begins.

Have a great morning and I'll update on the weather later. Keep Warm!

What are some of your favorite ways to spend a snowy day inside, or to just relax when you have some time for yourself? Would love to hear your ideas!

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