Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Blogging in PJ's: Book Reviews, Site Reviews and More

In addition to keeping up with kids, laundry, housework, chemo, cancer, and two blogs. I have started another book club. At the moment, I am reading the new release by Kristen Hannah, "True Colors". It is a book you want to really delve into. The cover is beautiful and immediately transports you to the small town in Washington State, where the story takes place. It is a juicy, gossip filled, read that I can not put down. It centers around three sisters, who long ago made a vow, "Sisters trump men.". The three are nearly torn apart by rivalry, social injustice, and a town where gossip spreads like wild fire. Early on, the three sisters lose their mother and form a tight knit bond, becoming sisters "in crime" so to speak, but only on the fun side. When the oldest sister, Winona, loses her long time crush to her younger, more pretty sister, Vivi-Ann, the three face challenges and fights of their lifetime. It is wonderfully romantic, and at times heart wrenching. You come to know the characters and want to continue on with them long after the book is over. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest this book.
Go Green
Conserve Power with your computer, use your PC's "sleep mode" to save energy. Set your computer to "sleep" when it is not in use. To power it back up, simply click the mouse. This feature can cut your computer's electricity use in half, saving you $25 to $75 a year. To enable it in Windows, go to Start, Then Control panel, then Power Options. On a Mac, got to System Preferences, then Energy Saver.
Mood Lifters
The following are tried and true examples of lifting your spirit, no matter what has you down.
* Stir up some lemonade and relive sweet summer memories. Summer not on your mind yet? Warm up apple juice or cider and add mulling spices, (cinnamon, cloves, allspice). Stir and enjoy. It will conjure up warm memories of winter or that extra special Christmas memory you cherish.
* Give Money to a worthy cause. Spending cash on or buying for others boost your happiness level. Many find that when they spend money on themselves, afterwards, they feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for making the purchase.
* Flip through your child(ren)'s baby book(s), or view your wedding video. Photos and videos always makes us feel warm inside by viewing times when we were at our happiest.
Weekend Chill Time:
We all love to sit back, popcorn, soda and candy, and spend family time watching a movie or two together. The best way to do this now, since time is limited and money is more tight, Movie Night at home is become more and more popular among families. With the "On Demand" feature of some cable and satellite companies, a newly DVD release can , at times, be "rented" On Demand, the same day as the release to the video store. All of this for a fraction of the price. The price for On Demand Varies, but usually you can rent a movie for 24 hours for under 5 dollars, and that includes the entire family. Family Movie Night makes for perfect chill time.
Website of the Weekend:
For the Website of the Weekend, I have picked the website which provides detailed information about movies including inappropriate scenes, profanity, violence and so on. It allows the parent to make an informed decision regarding movies for tween to early teen age children. It also just happens to fit in with Weekend Chill Time.

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