Friday, January 30, 2009

It has been a while since I have touched on Jon and Kate Gosselin. From my other blog, readers know I have mixed feelings on this family. Kate is my biggest pet peeve. I feel for Jon, and I adore the kids. While I do enjoy watching the show, I am in the majority of people that believe the children are being exploited on the show and am not afraid to say it. From past posts, and episodes, we have seen a change in Kate, not only physically,( from that free tummy tuck) but emotionally, or mentally, as well. My feelings are Kate has risen above herself through the show. She has distanced, as well as totally removed herself and her family from several family members. The current episode is a perfect example. The Gosselin's have moved from their current home in to a new, larger home just outside of Wernersville, PA. As Kate says, "they have outgrown their current home." Although it is not mentioned in the episode, I have read other articles that state the same.

On the current episode of JK+8, , Kate says that she wants the kids to know that they are very privileged and blessed to be able to move to the house and grow up there, and that they really need this house for them.While doing Leah's hair, Leah asks Kate, "How many dollars does it take?"(meaning the new house)..a Kate contrived moment at its best; Kate answers, "Lots. That's why Mommies and Daddies have to work everyday". Immediately after that, Leah asks what are you going to do today, and Kate responds, "Today is Mommy's free day, to do whatever I want. We are going to show you the house." Exactly what do the kids see Kate and Jon doing for "work" and what will they expect for employment as they age?
At the house, the kids are running around having a ball, exploring, playing and so excited. Albeit a 30 minute show, there is only a second of Kate taking snapshots of the kids running upstairs in the new house. Otherwise, Kate is yelling at the top of her lungs about poop and spends 20 of the 30 minutes cleaning "the filthy fridge". Kate blasts out rules saying that Cara and Maddy's room is off limits after today. Another fine moment is when Kate approaches Jon to tell him it is time to show the kids Jon and Kate's room and Kate is going to "give strict rules that they are never to be in there again." (meaning the kids) Kate loudly instructs the kids that "upon the penalty of severeness"..(??) they were not to come in our room, they were not to set foot on our carpet, they need to stand at the door and knock and they may not come in period." In the scene of the kids seeing Jon and Kate's room for the first time, Kate very authoritatively, states, "You see, this room?" Jon, in the background, says, "It's the last time you will ever be in it." Kate continues, "Honestly, you will never open this door and come in here again. If you, severe punishment. Mommy and Daddy need privacy and we haven't had any for a good four years now." Who's fault is that Kate? Who had the kids? I could never see myself telling my children they are never allowed into my room ever. But of course, I do not hide out in my room as you are known to do. Kate continues to scream, "Excuse me, I'm talking." Jon is wandering around with the kids, so she starts in on him. "Jon, why don't you come in here and talk instead of wandering." Kate repeats the "severe punishment, we need privacy" all the while the kids are just mulling around. The only effect I can see from this little "Kate's guide to parenting", is that before long, the other children will be locking their doors and screaming at the other kids that they need privacy and the continuance of screaming and locking doors will occur, so as Kate can have something else to bitch and moan about. I can already imagine Kate purchasing a bullhorn for the next season because the house is so big. She will probably have many bouts of laryngitis.During the interview montage, Kate constantly whines about how filthy the home is and how much time it is going to take her to clean it and get it up to her standards. I would have enjoyed seeing Kate and Jon exploring the house together with the children, picking out whose room would be where, or seeing them walk "the acreage" together as a family. Instead, we have a scene of Kate standing in front of the kitchen window, waving her yellow Playtex gloved hand across the view from the window, stating "Mine, it's ALL MINE".

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