Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kate Gosselin's Larry King Blog Entry

LKL BLOG EXCLUSIVE: “Jon & Kate plus 8″ commentary
updated 10:34 am ET

This is an exlusive LKL Blog commentary by Kate Gosselin of TLC’s “Jon and Kate plus 8″ - Kate, a mother of twins and sextuplets, will also be our guest tonight on Larry King Live! Let us know what you want to hear from Kate NOW!

When parenting multiples, there are many things that are important to remember. Here are a few:

1. Parenting multiples is totally different than parenting a singleton. The schedule and methods that work for a singleton will need to be amended for multiples. I remember receiving advice from moms of singletons and thinking ‘how in the world would that work in my situation?’ … And so it requires a multiple mom to think very much on her own and create a unique schedule.

2. With multiples, help is not an option, it’s mandatory for survival.
It was very difficult for me to accept help but I realized that the health and well being of my family depended on me allowing others to step in and help… Many of these people we had never met before!!!

3. Life will never be the same. It will be difficult and beyond manageable at times. Embracing the myriad of changes is very difficult but very necessary. I choose to see the blessings, not the inconveniences that multiples bring. The many happy and smiling faces when I come into the room keep me going…

4. Ultimately, the responsibility is on the parents to raise this unique set of people who, although born as a group, are each individual people. It begins with giving enough time to each child and helping him/her to identify their differences.
This is a very difficult task as time is at a premium!!!!

5. A parent of multiples will forever be answering questions, fending off judgment and making logistical adjustments to make life fit their situation. This is just another part of life with multiples that will eventually become normal but, again, takes adjustment and wisdom.

6. Children are meant to be born one or two at a time. Modern science causes more to occur sometimes. While this causes strains, I believe that each life, no matter the circumstances, is created for a purpose and that it is possible to raise “HOM” (higher order multiples) successfully but it takes sheer and utter determination and commitment on the part of the parents!

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stop child exploitation said...

No one believes Kate or Jon anymore! The kindness thing they could do for their children is turn off the cameras and rebuild their marriage and lives. If Kate truly wants to be an author, then do it without filming your kids.
Greed and attention mongering has destroyed many. The fans see through the lies, we are not stupid. Oh, and we know Beth Carson wrote the first book. Why doesn't she get ANY CREDIT? Also, pedophiles probably enjoy the second book put out by Kate. Make a scrapbook for the kids, you said you didn't care if you sold any in the interview. Stop being GREEDY!

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