Monday, February 2, 2009

Octuplets' Mom "Obsessed"

The California octuplets turned a week old Monday, and officials at Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower Medical Center say all eight continue to do well. However, the picture emerging of their mother is that of a woman who's been fixated on having babies.

Nadya Suleman, 33, now has 14, all seven years old and under. She lives with her parents in a modest home in Whittier, Calif., outside Los Angeles. There've been no pictures yet of the infants or Suleman. She remains hospitalized, too. Reporters continue to pepper her parents with questions at the family home. "Everybody's doing good," Suleman's father said. How are the kids doing? "Fantastic," he replied. Suleman's mother said Nadya paid for in vitro fertilization with money from a legal settlement after a work accident.

The octuplets' grandmother adds that all 14 kids were conceived through in vitro, using the same sperm donor. It's unclear how Suleman plans to support her huge family. Her parents have had financial problems. The octuplets are all preemies and will likely require extra care. Suleman once had a license as a psychiatric technician but that expired. In recent years, she's been an unemployed student.

Suleman, though, has hired an agent, and there are reports she hopes to make money through TV interviews and even by working as an on-camera childcare expert. "She did not seek to have more children," Suleman's grandfather has said. "She thought she was going to have ONE more child." Suleman's mother said that, when Suleman was in her mid-20s, she believed she was infertile and became obsessed with having children. That's what a family acquaintance says, as well, and that Suleman always hoped for ten kids.

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