Friday, February 13, 2009

Nadya Gets Nailed--More Splurging While 'Tups Remain in NICU; Other Children At Home

Nadya Gets Nailed

Perhaps Nadya is getting ready for a hot Valentine's Day date!

Octuplet mother of the year, Nadya Suleman, took time out of her busy press schedule Friday to get a federally subsidized manicure in Norwalk, California.

Suleman's 3 week old, premature octuplets still remain in NICU at the hospital. Nadya's previous six children, the oldest of which is seven, remain at home with Nadya's mother. Perhaps playing the video games that we saw her purchasing earlier this week.

Must be nice to be "bottom of the barrel broke" and still retain the ability to be pampered. I cannot remember when I last had time to even think about getting a manicure was, hmmm, I'm guessing, six months ago.

I am a stay at home mom, and even though a manicure would be considered a luxury in these days, I am fortunate to say that a manicure or a new french manicure over perfect acrylics every six months, or six weeks, wouldn't break me. During the economy of today, I choose to budget and "splurge" on myself only when need be. I choose to do more for my children than myself.

Then again, I'm not receiving government aid, and I just happen to have 12 less children than Nadya.

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