Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wii-Broke? OctoMom Suleman Caught Shopping....

Despite her alleged death threats, her website sporting a "PayPal" button for donations, student loans, and debt out her, umm ears, OctoMom was caught by the Pap in LA yesterday, doing none other

Was Nadya shopping for the 'tups? Nope... for video games. Wonder just when Octomom will find time to play video games? Perhaps she's using them as a "babsitter" for the other 6 kids.
Here's a fun fact: 14 Wii controllers alone will cost you $559.96.
Here's hoping she doesn't get an endorsement..
But, here's some free fashion advice: Your idol, Angelina Jolie, much less the remainder of the female population, would not be caught dead in that jacket.

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