Friday, February 20, 2009

Nadya Suleman: Foreclosure to Multi Million Dollar Home: Pictures of Home Octomom "Wants"

The house is in Whittier, California. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a pool with no safety gates. Perfect for 14 kids. Listing price...$1.4 million.

A real estate source tells TMZ the owner canceled showings today specifically because "Octo" wanted to see it. Yes, that's correct, shooting interviews and house hunting, all while her eight children remain in NICU and her six other children are, um, well, we aren't sure.
Octo "needs it" because the house she's living in now may be on its way to the auction block -- as in foreclosure.

How is Nadya getting the money? Put it this way -- this chick works the media better than Britney Spears sans panties on a Saturday night.

Click to see more pictures of the beautiful, multi-million dollar home, courtesy of TMZ and SoCal MLS homes online. There are 18 pictures total.
Sorry, Nadya, but I'm thinking the kitchen is more my style than yours, dear. heh .. No matter how beautiful, I would choose my log home any day.
I am trying to picture this home with the children's toys strewn about the yard as at Angela Suleman's home. Wonder what the HOA would say about that? I think you will lose your food stamps if you move in here Nadya, and perhaps more than that.

This is the same house in which the Dr. Phil interview was taped and is alleged that "secret dealings" with Paramount Studios were made.
pictures/some info courtesy TMZ

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