Thursday, February 5, 2009

Octuplet Mom Gives First Interview to Ann Curry

Nadya Suleman will give her first interview since giving birth to octuplets to NBC News.

The exclusive interview will air on NBCs "Today" show and NBC "Dateline" on Monday night.

I will be posting the interviews as soon as they air and I can get them uploaded. So keep checking back for TV airtimes and for the videos if you happen to miss the original air date.

The new mom was discharged from the hospital early Thursday after giving birth to six boys and two girls on January 26.

There has been a great deal of media coverage and controversy surrounding the mother and the birth of the octuplets. The mother is unmarried and supposedly "worked" in the health care profession before becoming pregnant with the octuplets.

Her spokesperson was a guest on Larry King Wednesday night. She stated that Nadya is not on government assistance and wanted America to know that she had no intentions of going on welfare. She does, however, have intentions of what appears to be using her newborn children as commodities in order to receive income for "their story". If Nadya's statements that she is not using the children for income is correct, why would she not schedule then hold a press conference and tell the story of her IVF and the birth of the octuplets for "free"?

The grandmother of the octuplets has announced she "has had enough" of all the coverage and reported, finally, that Nadya had all eight embryos implanted via IVF, as well as her previous six children.

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