Friday, February 20, 2009

Octuplet Mom "Interested Buyer" For Multi-Million Home Where Interview with Dr. Phil Held

Dr. Phil waves to cameras and the Pap as he exits the multi million dollar home where he landed an interview with the second most hated mother in America. Polls list Casey Anthony as number one. In the 18 second clip, you see Phil McGraw's staff leave the home, then briefly, Nadya leaves to the right of the screen. There is no mistaking the homely, jet black, coif, it is Nadya. Just afterwards, McGraw exits to the left. Additionally, a reporter yells to McGraw, "How did the interview with Nadya go?" According to sources, the interview will air the early part of next week.

It is being reported that the multi million dollar home, was just listed on the market by a realty and the listing agent/broker for that realty company says that Nadya is "a very interested buyer". All of this coming after reports that Naya's mother's, Angela Suleman, home was in foreclosure and to be sold in June of this year.

Also, according to Harvey Levin of TMZ, Paramount Studios, affiliated with Dr. Phil, and separately on their own "vices", to talk "contract" with the Octuplet Mom. Levin says wherever Paramount is concerned, there is big money to be had.

It is also being reported, that Suleman has already taped several other "talk show" interviews, to be aired in the next weeks.

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Annals said...

Nadia might make enough in this current cycle of interviews to get the house. But she will have much financial trouble in both the short and long run. Determined dilusion is a poor substitute for realistic planning. The public is too tuned in to her excesses for the state of CA to continue giving her a free ride. Any asset she gains will be vulnerable. She is irritating to watch in interviews and the film insustry is as fickle as a hummingbird about their projects. My prediction as to Nadia's dreams of a secure future; That dog won't hunt. (A Dr Phil expression.)

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