Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spokeswoman: Octuplet Mom "Upbeat, Not Overwhelmed"--All Babies Named

The California woman who recently gave birth to octuplets is not overwhelmed and is looking forward to telling her story, her spokeswoman said today.
Joann Killeen speaks on behalf of the octuplets' mother.
Nadya Suleman is a "wonderful woman," spokeswoman Joann Killeen said today on "Good Morning America." "She's smart, she's bright, she's articulate, she's well-educated and she has a wonderful sense of humor."
Suleman, 33, remains in a hospital in southern California after giving birth Jan. 26 to the octuplets. Suleman, who has six other children, is now the mother of 10 boys and four girls younger than 8. All were born by in vitro fertilization, her mother has said.
Despite what might seem like an overwhelming number of children and despite her family's apparent financial difficulties, Suleman is "upbeat" about her future, Killeen said.
"She's very joyful. Nadya is a very balanced and together woman," she said.
"She's very, very happy and joyful for the miracle of life and the babies."
Suleman has held the babies and has named them, Killeen said, though she declined to reveal the names.

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I do not see how having a "wonderful sense of humor" will help this woman financially, or emotionally, for that matter, take the proper care of all fourteen of these children. When they are all screaming and crying at one time, what is she going to do, crack a joke? It is one thing to be positive or "upbeat" about a situation, it is another to be realistic. Does this spokesperson imply that a woman that does not have half the education that Nadya has, does not have the ability to raise multiples, or even "a child" for that matter? I tend to question the mental stability of this mother and why she would want to give birth to this many children, in addition to the six she already has. And in my opinion, I have a small problem with there not being a "father" around for this many children. I am all for single women that want children but do not necessarily want "the relationship". That is a woman's choice and not for me to judge. It is not for me to judge anyone, I just feel that with this many children, there should be a father figure in their lives, other than their grandfather. And I do know something on the topic, I lost my husband of 12 years 6 years ago. My two daughters were devastated.

These children will not have one memory of a "father" from their younger days.

There are so many aspects to this story. Moral, health, psychological, and financial to name a few. There has to be some motive, somewhere. I do not feel this is just "happenstance". There are no "coincidences. I would not be surprised if this is not the end of the story. I do feel Ms. Suleman already has plans for exploitation of the children by stating she has book and TV special plans in the works. Is that the reason behind the vagueness, the secrecy and by not releasing the names of the children.

Similar to a Duggar-type scenario, where we learn baby eighteen's name on the show. I can still hear Michelle Duggar, during an interview on the Today show, when asked the baby's name, "Oooh, you'll have to wait for the episode to find out." I yet to know that child's name except, I am positive it starts with a "J"... my two cents

video courtesy: Good Morning America; ABC

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