Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multiple Meltdown: Part Two of RadarOnline's Interview with Nadya and Angela Suleman

Photo clip courtesy Radaronline

In Part Two of RadarOnline's interview with Octu-Mom, Nadya, and her Mother, Angela, we learn of lying, defiance, and continue to get a glimpse of Nadya's seemingly mental instability. No amount of articulation and verbiage can mask the underlying mental disorders Nadya seems to be plagued with.

From Radar Online:
As Nadya Suleman's stomach grew larger and larger her mother became concerned that she had undergone another in vitro procedure. But when Angela Suleman confronted her daughter, Nadya lied, denying she was pregnant, and said: "I have a tumor."

Click here for Part Two of the explosive video of Nadya and her mother Angela, courtesy

Nadya refuses to back down in the face of her mother's - and the public's - growing criticism and angrily snaps: "I don't apologize for having all my children and I never would."

Asked how she plans to provide for her children, Octo-mom talks about writing a book, causing her mother to ask incredulously, "How are you going to find time to write? You're going to have 14 children. Think about it."

But Nadya is defiant in the face of the public's negative reaction to her and says: "People can't comprehend why I'm not worried."

Mother and daughter argue intensely in this world exclusive, as Nadya is forced to answer the questions that everyone is asking.

courtesy: Radaronline

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