Friday, February 20, 2009

OctoMom: You Can Buy All The Makeup That MAC Can Make..But You're Still So UnPretty...

OctoMom, Nadya Suleman leaving the MAC cosmetic counter at a Nordstrom department store

The above post title is a play on words from a song made famous by female group "TLC", "Unpretty". The song is meant for girls and women to see their "inner beauty".

I did not choose the post title to be "mean". I am expressing an opinion. Nadya's actions are making her appear very ugly in the public eye. That we know. I chose this line because Nadya is allowing her new found "infamy" and go to her head, and face, literally.

From the song,"Unpretty", courtesy TLC:

"You can buy your hair if it don't grow, You can fix your nose if he says so. You can buy all the make-up that MAC can make. But if you can't look inside you, and find out who I am to to be in the position to make me feel so damn unpretty."

Nadya was at the Brea Mall near L.A. Wednesday afternoon. She bought makeup, although it is not certain exactly what was bought. Here's what I do know. MAC eye shadow costs around $15.

Nadya may soon not have a place to live but she'll sure look good.

OctoMom blew some of her hard earned handout money on one tube of clear lip gloss -- which ran the food stamp user a cool $14.50 plus tax. In comparison, a 48-pack of Pampers usually runs around $16.99.

Anyone at CA-DCS reading?? I would like to know where the six children were while Octomommy was shopping for the fourth time we know of in less than week. At least, the octuplets are being taken care of for now, even though they remain in the NICU.

photo courtesy: TMZ


Charlotte said...

Ok I have only 3 kids and I am married to a doctor and I don't buy MAC lipgloss!!!!! What's wrong with Revlon or in her case she should just stick with some vaseline, that is probably more in her budget! I feel so bad for these kids I am tempted to send her donations but who knows who it will be going to.

SpoiledMom said...

@ Charlotte:

Agreed! I found myself with the same thoughts exactly. And as tacky as this sounds, she would need the XL jar of Vaseline for those puckers. heh..
Before children, emphasis on the "before", I was a working woman,(nurse) who rewarded myself from time to time with a stop at the "department store" make-up counter. Now, a stay at home mom, I frequent the make-up isles of Target,although not so frequently, and quite frankly, have come to love Almay and a specific color of Neutrogena MoistureShine. My main goal is to find the perfect eye concealer to mask the dark circles left from chemo, so people do not think I am a cracked out wreck. Wonder which brand Nadya uses to keep her dark circles at bay? hmmm..

I only get my nails done for certain occasions, and there are not many of those. I use the "do it yourself" (glue on, not press on.heh) french mani-pedi's (I love a french pedicure instead of polish on my toes.)It is also something that my girls and I can do together.

Celebrity has hit Nadya hard and fast. She does not need a Starbucks every morning. I wonder what her other 6 kids are doing while Nadya is out "shopping". As the editor from radaronline stated, Nadya has to get out of the house, it is too cramped. They have to get out and eat and shop. Funny thing, I did not see one child with her in those pictures of her shopping, getting her Starbucks on, and a fill in on her nails. I assume it was a fill in, at $18.00--and that's in LA. A full set where I live is 3 times that much.

As far as the donations, I would love to go in with you on that. I would not dare send money. Wonder if it could be sent to the hospital?

I feel so emotional for the 'tuplets. They seem to be thriving and doing well. I almost hope that the hospital delays their release to Nadya.

Don't forget, Nadya's father is on Oprah today!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Charlotte said...

Oh I hear ya. Before kids I only bought my make-up at the mall but now I don't have the time or cash for that. I get everything at Target! Some kitty litter, diapers, a shirt for me, some clothes for the kids, lipgloss, and they even have beer now!

I used to have acrylics too but when I tore off almost my whole pinky nail strapping Bekah into her carseat.......ouch, I saw stars. I got the rest of them removed and will occasinally go in for painted toes and fingers but that's it.

Ok seriously, where are the kids when she is getting a Starbucks?!! I remember having one kid and going to Starbucks was easy but now with 3 forget it and they would all want their own drinks too! That really pisses me off to see her doing that. She should be working at Starbucks.

I missed her Dad on Oprah but I did buy the Us Weekly. I am mildly obsessed I have to admit.

And the babies are precious, I hope that they turn out healthy. And you get helthy too.

SpoiledMom said...


I absolutely know your pain...LOL

Now mine are their clothes are better than mine, you know the deal, thankfully, I can wear "some" of theirs..mostly the hoodies and fleece pant sets...heh where am i going? but hey, i can lounge in style. LOL (lounge..yeah right--thats what the girls do. (and in style) LOL
And the whole Starbucks.."when" I get to enjoy one, the girls have to have one as well, so that could have been a family meal. heh Luckily, we have "Sonic" and their Iced Lattes are just as good, to me. (2pm-4pm happy hour 1/2 price yeah!) LOL See, us real moms know how to budget and still have our "wants" in reason. LOL
YES!! Nadya needs to get a job at Starbucks.That would be perfect!..can you imagine the business that shop would pull in having "Octuplet Mom" as a Barista? Or maybe she could work the MAC counter, well on second thought... LMAO
I bought the Us weekly too. guilty indulgence, but not every week. I am a self diagnosed magazine addict.
Funny there have been no shots of her with the kids at McDonalds or the park or "somewhere". You know the children have to be smothered in that small home. I feel for the mother, Angela. But have no empathy for Nadya. I also pray the 'tuplets continue to thrive and that someone steps in to determine where they will receive the best care.

SpoiledMom said...


And thank you for you well wishes to me, as well. :)

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