Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nadya Suleman: Neighbor Pulls Gun on Pap; Nadya Terrified for Life

In a brand new interview, Octu-mom Nadya Suleman says she is "terrified " for her life.
Nadya told RadarOnline.com exclusively that a neighbor of hers -- armed with a gun -- threatened the life of a photographer. She worries the neighbor associates her with the swarm of cameras on their street and she now feels her home is not a safe environment for her family anymore, especially when the octuplets are released from the hospital.

Okay, so the neighbor threatened the life of "a photographer". Not Nadya's life. Did I read that correctly? Seems Octu-Mom loves the celebrity and attention she is receiving or she would keep her swollen self at home with her previous six children. Not Nadya, she had rather blither around LA getting her nails done, visiting Starbucks, giving interviews, and looking at multi million dollar homes, instead of working out a way to help her poor mother keep her home from being foreclosed.

Click to see the explosive new interview with Nadya. From RadarOnline.com

courtesy Radaronline.com

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