Friday, February 6, 2009

Octuplet Mom--Miracle Birth to Medical Board Investigation

We continue to hear more reports and information regarding the newly-dubbed "Octomom", Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets and 6 previous children which includes a set of twins.

Since the birth of the octuplets, this story has gone from a miracle birth, to a mysterious mother, and then to questioning the ethics of the fertility doctor by the California Medical Board.

Now America, along with top, leading experts in the field, is questioning the mental and financial stability of this mother and if the entire ordeal was not some type of "marketing scheme" between the mother and her fertility doctor, from the very beginning.

Nadya Suleman has been receiving disability payments for years.

Allegedly, the ex mental hospital worker, who has been rumored to have undergone massive plastic surgery including collagen plumped lips, cheek implants and a nose job, was married once, divorced, and then decided to use a sperm bank donor for all 14 of her living children. Sources close to Nadya say she is obsessed not only with children, but with Angelina Jolie's contributions to society, her children, and her looks.

Nadya also lives with her parents and has only their income and her disability to support her, and all fourteen children. That is, unless TV shows and media keep paying her for more interviews like the one NBC is airing on it's "Dateline" next Monday.

Nadya Suleman, the “octuplets mom,” told her story to NBC’s Today Show and Ann Curry, to be seen next Monday.

Questions of ethics, mental stability and financial responsibility surround the woman who feels justified and compelled to eschew adoption of so many needy children, and pass as many humans through her loins before she leaves planet earth.

It's infuriating many in California who are subsidizing this woman through their taxes, so she can continue on with her child bearing. Many have great concerns regarding her child rearing abilities.

Suleman hired L.A. publicists to handle her story. Although, did Nadya not say she was going to handle all the media herself? She would handle every need of her children, be there for them, each and every one? Her children are the news, and news it is.

FOX network pundit Bill O’Reilly went off on the seemingly disturbed mother of fourteen.

O’Reilly labeled the multiple births “child abuse,” because these kids can’t receive the care they need without costing all of us in government subsidies.

The woman claims she felt "isolated" and had a "dysfunctional childhood" to NBC, and that her desire was "to be close to someone, and have a lot of children, to fill her void."

According to the State of California Children's Welfare Division, paperwork filed on Nadya states that she had a "normal childhood", and the paperwork does not mention any dysfunction in the family.

California residents are also questioning if Nadya did in fact have plastic surgery, did she have her own private insurance to cover the procedures? In most cases, the majority of private insurances do not cover "cosmetic" procedures. The question is one of ethics and integrity.
People in the community are wanting to know how the cosmetic proceudures were paid for and how Nadya will continue to live and provide for the children, without relying on taxpayer dollars.

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