Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octuplet Mom Deceives Ann Curry-Has Been Receiving Government Assistance

Today, the LA Times reports that Nadya Suleman has been receiving public assistance in the form of $490 in food stamps a month, also, 3 of her 6 previous children are disabled and receiving federal assistance. Nadya told Ann that "she is not receiving government assistance" Her publicist says that Nadya does not consider welfare government assistance, but rather "programs designed for people with need". ..... what?

In an interview, scheduled to air in its entirety tonight, on NBCs Dateline, octuplet mom, Nadya Suleman told Ann Curry that she has not, nor will never accept government assistance for the care of her children. When asked how Nadya is able to support for all 14 of her children and had the ability to pay for the IVF in the first place, it seems Nadya was a tad deceptive. Through the use of often blathering words, When Nadya told Ann Curry that she was "responsible and not on welfare, disparage or any individual who uses welfare as a valuable resource. It can be a valuable resource as long as they are not taking advantage of it and are working towards a specific goal." "I have chosen to never go on welfare." I feel it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children." Nadya began fertility treatments while working at a psychiatric hospital by hording money from working double shifts. Suleman says she has spent approximately $100,000, on fertility treatments and procedures. When Nadya's friends would ask her if she was saving for a car or home and she would reply, no, I am "saving for babies"

Nadya received $165,000 in disability in payments paid over 6 years, from an on the job injury. The "injury" has not been disclosed. Makes one wonder if it was an actual "accident". Her own mother, Angela Suleman reports that she was not aware of the money Nadya was receiving.

Currently, with fourteen children, three of which are disabled, Nadya has no income and has plans to return to school in the Fall, using student loans earmarked for that education, to provide for her children now.

According to Nadya, "I am providing for my children. I have my own alternative way, but it works."

Maybe Nadya should return to the psychiatric hospital, but not as an employee.

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