Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8: Open Thread: Your Thoughts / Also: Want Kate's Tile Backsplash and Flooring?...See Post!

I am beginning to get a little more than tired with all of the "haters", and more so with the band of "Team Gosselin" fans, of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Most times, I feel I am on the fence when it comes to this family. Yes, I do think Kate is loud and obnoxious. And yes, I do think Jon and Kate are exploiting their children, all eight of them. It was cutsie in the beginning to see them all brand spanking baby new. When I tune in now, I find myself grinding my teeth at the sound of Kate's voice. Does she realize that she portrays herself in the light she does? In all of her interviews, she says "It's the real deal." Nothing is held back." There is a lot to be said for restraint and couth. And yet, I get what she is saying. The family is not "acting", they are being their "normal" selves for the show. I am beginning to worry about their "normal". They are using their children to take trips and buy material things. Jon has now quit his "real" job "as an IT specialist", to take part in the reality show. Has anyone noticed that there has not been a "lull" on "New Jon and Kate on Monday night" on TLC? Have they gone to filming all week? I can't remember the last time there was a "repeat" in their time slot. Even Little People Big World has returned to repeats.

Around mid October, the Gosselin's were fortunate enough to purchase a grandiose home to accommodate the brood in Wernersville, PA. From what I have seen of the home in the episodes it is beautiful. "Rumor has it", the home was previously owned by a doctor. So if you have not seen the episodes, you can imagine the grandeur of it all. The home is surrounded by acreage, or as Kate said in one episode, "Mine, mine, as far as I can see., all mine.." This is the same episode she spent relentlessly cleaning the refrigerator that came with the home, all the while exclaiming what filth the previous owners had left the place in. The entire premise of the episode was for the children to "explore" the new home and the property. Kate, however, retired to cleaning the fridge. I had made a comment in one of the JK+8 blogs, that I did not understand why she was wasting her time with the cleaning, we almost knew that Casa de Gosselin would soon be fully furnished by major brand advertisers.

I was correct. Last night's episode should have been dedicated to "Whirlpool". Kate received 2 Whirlpool Duet washers and dryers. "My friends in the laundry", Kate described them. That was after she exclaimed as the delivery truck pulled up, "Oh the entire truck is just our things!"

Yes, more Whirlpool appliances. Kate had already received her "commercial grade" stainless steel fridge earlier into the move. I had a sneaking suspicion that Whirlpool sent these appliances "sight unseen". Kate did not seem to know that they would be matching to her already new stainless steel fridge and stove. At least not the top of the line over the stove microwave, in which Kate was full of glee that "Now everything was sparkly and shiny and stainless." Believe me Kate, I have stainless as well. However, you have 16 little hands that are going to be all over that "stainless"... get ready to do more cleaning... heh

Now Lane Furniture has Jon and Kate on their website. The ad: " Get Jon and Kate's Furniture".
Are you serious? I have always respected the Lane brand and have several pieces myself, I was flabbergasted to see that Jon and Kate have 'my' sectional. hmmmph....

Well, I had an idea as I watched last night. While Jon and Kate visited the carpet and tile store, it struck me.
My hubby is an authorized "Daltile" installer. We saw that tile brand a few times, as well as several others. I have a copy of Kate's backslpash pattern in her kitchen as well as the flooring that they picked out. So, if anyone would like to have Jon and Kate's kitchen backsplash recreated in their kitchen, or the flooring that Jon and Kate chose for their basement and other rooms-leave me a comment. I am serious about my husband being an authorized/certified "Daltile" installer. And believe me, he will travel.

I do, however enjoy watching the show. I don't believe I "love to hate Kate" as one site mentioned. I just think I hate that I love them. heh. I do not begrudge their new home or new "things". I do not feel that they obtained these "things" in the correct manner. When the show is all said and done. All they will have are these "things". What will have become of their family. It makes me cringe to see Kate so overprotective of the 'tups, especially last night's episode when they were painting the downstairs family area. 'What a neat idea', I thought to myself. To have the entire family involved in painting the room. The memories that would make. But, no Kate had to be on top of every small spot and drop of paint that was not "on" the wall. You could tell she was so frazzled she can not enjoy herself. That is the part I do not understand. I realize she has to be tired at the end of everyday, probably at the beginning of everyday as well. These are days, however, that the two of them are never going to get back and I just don't understand all the drama that Kate has to provide. Let kids be kids, for when cared for and nurtured for with respect and caring, they will blossom into beautiful, respectful, and caring adults.

As for the open thread..what are your thoughts on the show? Do you think it has become a giant ad campaign all the while exploiting the children? I, myself believe the children are getting a little old for the show. They are seeming to need more parental guidance, especially Maddy. But this is just one Mom's opinion, and my right to speak it.

And don't forget to leave me your name if you are interested in having Kate's kitchen backsplash and/or flooring!

Let me know how you feel... Open Thread!

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