Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octuplet's Grandmother Speaks Out..."Against" Her Daughter, Also A Peek Inside Home

Octuplet Grandmother Blasts Daughter: "Nadya's Not Capable!"

Angela Suleman in the cramped three bedroom home

"The truth is Nadya's not capable of raising 14 children."
The mother of the woman who gave birth to octuplets recently is speaking exclusively to RadarOnline.com and says her daughter's actions are "unconscionable."
All of Nadya Suleman's children have been conceived with in vitro fertilization.
The comments from Nadya's mother Angela are adding fuel to the growing controversy that has already sparked an investigation by the California Medical Board into the circumstances surrounding implantation of six embryos into a woman with six children.
See exclusive photos inside the trashed home. A RadarOnline exclusive.
When Nadya, 33, decided to be implanted with multiple embryos, Angela was stunned. She told RadarOnline.com: "I was very upset. She already has six beautiful children, why would she do this?
"To have them all is unconscionable to me. She really really has no idea what she's doing to her children and to me."
Nadya lives with Angela, a retired teacher, and Angela says Nadya contributes no money to the support of her own children. Eight people - soon to be 16 - are cramped into a small three-bedroom house and fed in shifts.
RadarOnline.com obtained exclusive photos inside the house, photos that are bound to raise more questions about Nadya's ability to care for so many children and a RadarOnline.com reporter described the interior as "filthy", with food on the walls.
"How she's going to cope, I don't know," Angela told RadarOnline.com about her daughter. "I'm really tired of taking care of the six children and need her to think about how she'll provide for all these children."
Angela told RadarOnline.com that Nadya turned her boyfriend into a sperm donor for all 14 kids, but refused to marry him. "He was in love with her and wanted to marry her," said Angela. "But Nadya wanted to have children on her own."
Nadya was so determined to have children, she first became pregnant at 16, Angela told RadarOnline.com. She miscarried, said Angela, and discovered she had blocked fallopian tubes.
"How she's going to cope, I don't know."Angela said that she and Nadya's father, Ed, begged one doctor not to implant any more embryos in Nadya, who already had six children. But Nadya found another doctor to implant six embryos, and two split, resulting in eight more babies. That doctor's decision to perform the in vitro has left the octuplets grandmother furious. "I'm really angry about that," she told RadarOnline.com.
Angela also voiced her anger over Nadya's claim she was raised in a dysfunctional family and was lonely as a child. "We raised her in a loving family and her father always spoiled her," Angela said.
"The truth is that Nadya hasn't worked since she started having her children," Angela, charged, "while Ed and I battled to pay her bills.
"Nadya promised to help me with the bills, but she never has. I lost a house because of it and now I'm struggling to look after her six. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts and there's children's clothing piled all over the house."
Angela told RadarOnline.com that she wasn't at the octuplets' birth because she was looking after the other six children. "But I saw the octuplets when they were two days old. They were so tiny and fragile, with bright purple skin, I was afraid to touch them but they're all doing well.
"Nadya has given them all Biblical names. Seven of them are dark-haired, but one, Noah, shows my side of the family. He looked so cute with his purple skin and bright yellow hair."

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